I don't get it???????

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  1. How come no one like Celine bags??? Is it suppose to be not trendy or what????
  2. well, i like thei bags
  3. [​IMG]
    i like this a lot!
  4. NMV4970_mp.jpg

    This one's my favourite - I just love this shade of green.:love:
  5. Yeah I kinda like their bags too I remember my mom used to have one and I thought it was very spacious, but I guess the color wasn't really for me..
  6. but I still think their shapes are simple and nice.
  7. I love that color too. I've never actually seen any Celine bags in person. Don't know who carries them around here. I know a few people were lusting after that suitcase-style satchel a while ago. I think most of the bags look very structured, and I think people are just into the sloucher styles right now.
  8. I have a bright green ostrich Boogie! I like Celine!
  9. I like the celine boogie bag in the light blue....couldn't find a good pic, but got one off this website dellamoda...though I'm not sure if they are authentic...I do know that this bag was made in this color....I love it.

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  10. ohhh, this is a nice color too. I finally saw a boogie carried in person (dark brown) and I must say, it was fabulous and chic with the jeans and cropped coat being worn WITH IT!

  11. I think with the boogie bag, it doesn't scream super trendy, buy in my opinion, it certainly is classic and beautiful in its simplicity.

  12. I'm actually really glad that someone started this thread (thank you, Everevereve!). I've been on a cleaning-out kick and I was seriously considering selling my ostrich Boogie just yesterday! I didn't and I'm happy to see that it still has its fans out there.
  13. TFS has a forum on the clandestine. They're cute, take a look:

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  14. Ooh, I like that one! :nuts:
  15. Apparently, there are two leathers, calf and lamb, only two colors (I think) blush and cream. There are a bunch of sizes...

    large shoulder
    long shoulder
    shoulder (pictured above)
    small shoulder

    Nice, huh? Pricing I think is $1500 to $2k that's for the calf. I think the lamb is special order. Somebody on TFS said NAP was going to be carrying one size and one color. You can wait list for it.