I don't get it???????


i like this a lot!
english_girl_900 said:
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This one's my favourite - I just love this shade of green.:love:

I love that color too. I've never actually seen any Celine bags in person. Don't know who carries them around here. I know a few people were lusting after that suitcase-style satchel a while ago. I think most of the bags look very structured, and I think people are just into the sloucher styles right now.
I like the celine boogie bag in the light blue....couldn't find a good pic, but got one off this website dellamoda...though I'm not sure if they are authentic...I do know that this bag was made in this color....I love it.


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I'm actually really glad that someone started this thread (thank you, Everevereve!). I've been on a cleaning-out kick and I was seriously considering selling my ostrich Boogie just yesterday! I didn't and I'm happy to see that it still has its fans out there.
pseub said:
Ooh, I like that one! :nuts:

Apparently, there are two leathers, calf and lamb, only two colors (I think) blush and cream. There are a bunch of sizes...

large shoulder
long shoulder
shoulder (pictured above)
small shoulder

Nice, huh? Pricing I think is $1500 to $2k that's for the calf. I think the lamb is special order. Somebody on TFS said NAP was going to be carrying one size and one color. You can wait list for it.