I don't get it, were there even patent fakes made???

  1. Wait I just noticed there are a TOn of patent ursula's on eBay for REALLY cheap... was it because of sales? Or is it a flux of fakes?
    They look real to me?
  2. Think that one is fake, 'cos I've seen the real patent quilted bowlers at Holt Renfrew in Canada (that sells only designer goods) and the quilted leather looks more distressed - it isn't as smooth as what is depicted in those photos.

    But then again I've just started educating myself on MJ, so I'll let the experts weigh in on it. =)
  3. most of these bags are fake!!! I have seen a fake IRL and they seem to like great far away or in pictures, however in person or up against a real one there is no comparison. People on Ebay are even selling ones in colors that MJ never made!!! be careful!
  4. I know that most of the MJ bags are fake, but I was wondering about these ones in particular. All of the Ursula patent bowlers listed are in colors that were produced.
    It's just that since sales have just gone through, and these didn't seem to be very popular, I was wondering if they made it onto eBay.
  5. I'm so confused!! I don't own a MJ YET!!!! but could some one PLEASE post a pic of real mj patent leather... would make it easier for me to spot the diffrence reals&fakes on ebay (and everywhere else)
    thank you!! x
  6. Winona77, try to look closely at the pictures, you will see that these faked ones look like plastic. The real ones aren't like that at all, they are soft & distressed -- exactly why I fell in love with MJ's patent quilted leather.

    Bowlers (especially the smaller one) are quite popular at the stores I have been to, most of the them don't have them anymore. MJ boutique in LA said that Bowler is 2nd in popularity (after Stam) for them. I'm open to correction (huphup), but Chalk/Black never went on sale (not yet at least); the marked down ones are the funkier colors: Lobster (red) and Moss (green). Some Nordies SAs are lenient so they price-matched the non-sale colors as well (not supposed to though).

  7. Sophie-Rose, there's a Lobster Bowler listing on ebay, the seller is Personalshoppers (known for selling authentic stuffs).

    MJ's patent leather bags are not smooth like the fake ones, you should be able to see the texture on the handles and bags.
  8. thanks ladies!!!!
  9. thanks baglover!!! real help!!!!! > I hope to find a REAL MJ some time soon!!! x
  10. I agree, the real patent is more distressed and has a much nicer texture to them. I saw the patent chalk bowler and it was gorgeous and usually I dont like patent bags at all!
  11. That bag is fake, the mj ursula patent I have is made out of goatskin and is distressed but soft, and gorgeous, not platic looking like those.