I don't get it..is Chloe on it's way out???


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Oct 10, 2006
I am so :cursing: . I am selling a Chloe paddy w/ shoulder strap on ebay and only have 1 $100 bid and all the others on ebay look fake. Some other person is selling the exact same bag for $1895!! Crazy! I have great feedback for selling authentic bags, watches, clothes, etc and have great pics. Yet, no one seems to want it! Any suggestions?? I am so bummed because I seriously need to pay off some "purse debt" so I can move in a month without being strapped for cash.:sad: Thanks in advance for any helpful hints!


Jun 11, 2006
Im so sorry to hear that. Maybe its because its a holiday season, nodoby has extra money left? also, there's a lot of ladies esp us, bought so much Chloes in the past month from the sale. But anyway, good luck!


Nov 8, 2006
I don't think its on it way out. The number of fakes on ebay have hurt all authentic sales. Plus I think with all the sales there have been on Chloe people can easily get a great deal on one and know for sure its authentic. I feel your frustration. I tried to sell a few bags recently with no luck either.


Sofa King Marple
Feb 23, 2006
^Yeah, i agree - and tbh - this close to Xmas, i wouldn't be selling either.

I got a cheque from a buyer yesterday, the 15th, which they sent on the 11th by 1st class mail, so everything is definitely slowing down.

Most people have done all their major christmas shopping purchases too, so may just be keeping an eye out for some last minute bargains, rather than looking to splash out a lot of money right now.

I know i am!:yes:
Good luck with the sale xx


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
I suspect that the dramatically discounted Chloes at NM, Nordies, LVR, NAP, Aloha Rag etc have dramatically reduced the street value of paddy's, not only on the secondary market, but at other retail stores that carry them at full price. :sad:

I supsect that $770 is the new $1540 :graucho:

And that's new. Used will be valued accordingly.

Also, they seem to be available in droves now, when previously they were soo hard to find that there were lengthy waiting lists. Availability is probably also a factor in reduced prices. I wonder if Chloe cranked up the production numbers once Pheobe left? It seems that way, although perhaps the market was just satuarated.

Either way, I find it sort of depressing.

Yves St

Nov 15, 2006
^^^oh dear, i feel all depressed now.

Though I think Chicky is right about the xmas thing. I wouldn't buy this close to Christmas for myself and if I was buying for a gift, i would'nt want to risk not having it on the day thus I wouldn't buy anything that needed posting this close.
After Christmas though, is a whole different story....


"H" is for horses?
Oct 10, 2006
Thanks for cheering me up a little. My current bid is at $405...still sad, but yet not hopeless, it has some time to go. I am contemplating selling muscade too, but maybe I should wait until after xmas. I was so excited after I just sold three LV's on there on got over $1300 for one of them. I guess I will have to hope people turn to ebay with their xmas cash :shame: