I don't "get" eBay.

  1. I really want a Cherry Blossom papillion in the red and cream. Obviously it's no longer sold so I turned to eBay. I was burned pretty bad on eBay a long time ago regarding an "authentic" bag (they took pictures of a real bag and sent a fake!) and so I am just weary.

    I realize that just about every seller promises the good will be real or your money back --well I never got my money back as she had promised the last time. I feel like eBay is the only way to get this bag, but I also can't justify spending almost $1500 on something that a stranger is selling.

    Any tips or advice on how to get this bag or on how to navigate eBay without getting scammed?
  2. You need to post a link in "authenticate this".. to the auction you are interested in..Someone will help you .
  3. I think the only way to buy on Ebay is with a credit card through Paypal. I am a powerseller with over 1600 feedbacks and I have also been burnt a few times too many. If you pay through your credit card at least you have a fighting chance.
  4. Have it authenticated here, save a copy of the auction, buy only from reputable sellers (MPRS, great feedback, no all sales final policies etc.), pay with paypal and a credit card, have it authenticated once it arrives... you can never be completely sure, but this should decrease your risk, at least that's what I do :idea:
  5. Yes definently do the things mentioned above, you can also try to contact the seller and asking them to guarantee that the purse is authentic and that they would issue a refund if it isn't. save the correspondence, to provide to paypal or your CC company should the bag turn out to be fraudulent.