I don't feel for metallic black reissue :( + stocklist

  1. i went to london yesterday prepare to bring a reissue home but after seeing it in both sloanne street and bond street i didnt feel for it at all.

    i saw 226 which is the same size as my classic. it looked fab on me. can wear it across the body with no problem and it hits just right on my hip.

    there was the normal black reissue with gold chain in 226 and i think 227 as well cos the SA said there is another one which is huge. but i must say 227 looked huge on me.

    i asked whether they have the normal black reissue in silver chain but they didnt have any. both SAs said they come and go so they cannot tell me in advance what stock they will have in the coming season.

    anyway after debating for so long in both stores i decided not to get it.

    stock list for both stores:

    they have 226 reissue normal black in gold chain and metallic black in silver chain @ just below £1200.

    227 normal black reissue in gold chain - dunno the price.

    reissue wallet with chain abt £500.

    Cotton club reporter abt £1455 - really like it but after trying it on it looked a but like an alien on my shoulders. i think it probably cos of the pockets. They have it in white and blue.

    Cotton club tote in white and blue - size small. bowler bag as well. didnt ask abt price.

    Combon tote large and small.

    classic jumbo is about £1150.

    anway there are more stocks but i dunno the names.

    As usual i find the service in bond street for both LV and chanel are better than in Sloanne street. just my own opinion.
  2. oh also i tried the jumbo classic and i love it. it looked better on me than the 227 reissue. the chain is so long when worn as messenger style. but love it.
  3. oh also in sloanne street they still have the 2.55 with 'CC' studs over over the bag and another one similar with loads of other studs on the bag. not sure abt the prices for both bag.
  4. oooh sounds like you had a great time trying them all on tho.

    I have to agree, I went to Sloane Street a couple of weeks ago, and whilst very pleasant, I do not think they were very knowledgeable about the bags!!!!
  5. ^^ as much as they are not very knowledgeable i also found them not very pro-active.

    in bond street the lady literally open the door behind her and said 'we have more bags in here which one do you fancy'. she even went to the stock room to get more bags for me. including a jumbo classic with gold chain even though the silver chain one was sitting in front of me. all of which i did not ask for.

    i felt a bit horrible walking away with nothing cos she was that helpful.