I don't feel attracted to Balenciaga anymore!

  1. Lately, everytime I look at Balenciaga bags, it's like "ehh". Nothing pops out to me, not even the new colors that have been coming lately. So far, I'm only attracted to older colors like turquoise '05, but that's it. Before, I used to go crazy whenever I find a discontinued color like lilac '04, sky blue, seafoam, and the older white '04 bag which I've amassed.

    Now, I'm addicted to Chanel. What does that mean? Should I sell my collection for my new addiction? I'm not looking to sell here. I just want your thoughts.
  2. I am not a Balenciaga regular/huge fan but I would hang on to the bags you have. I find that many of my bags, even vintage, seem to come back around for me and I carry them on occassion. I also think that the older bags are greta to take on vacation. I figure if it's something I've considered getting rid of, it won't totally be the end of the world if something happens to it on vacation, whereas my newer bags... well... let's just say it wouldn't be pretty!
  3. I think that a few Balenciaga addicts have "lost the love" for a little bit. I wouldn't sell your whole collection, but I have sold a couple here and there to dabble in other brands. You can always buy them back! I am a big believer in not keeping bags that you don't use. Good luck sorting it out!
  4. It's OK, it happens. I mean, if you're capable of falling out of love with a PERSON, then it's certainly possible to fall out of love with a bag! Sometimes you just need some distance to think about things and when you get together again you remember why the love was there to begin with. haha, so cheesy but true!
  5. I agree with a lot of the previous posts, take a break if it will make you happy, if you and balenciaga are meant to be, you will find your way back to them.
  6. Hate to say it but I'm with you. I just sold 3 of my Balenciagas to fund my Chanel Bubble Quilt Flap in Brown. No remorse at all. Too much too fast?
  7. it happens. hasn't happened to me yet, but i haven't been going crazy for bbags either. the new colors aren't that great, to me, but i am waiting for the collection colors to come out, that might change your mind. but if your heart is going with chanel, then maybe sell a bbag or two to fund it.
  8. I am losing the love also, sick of the colour fading!
  9. I would wait just a little bit, and if you still feel that same...sell them. You are just burnt out on them and need a little break is all. =)
  10. Ok, yes, maybe a little too much too fast and maybe a little Bbag burnt out. I haven't had that happen to me yet and I am still happy with only Bbags in my bag collection, but I would have no hesitation selling one or all if needed or if I lost the love...Good luck in your decision!
  11. Maybe you're just satisfied with what you've got? I have a first and a box and a coin purse and I don't really have a desire to get another bbag. It doesn't mean I've lost the love, I'm just happy and content with what I have. I've recently bought a hayden-harnett salina which I love but I don't feel like I'm "cheating" on balenciaga.
  12. Maybe you just need a break and need to explore new styles from other brands. It happened to me before but after a while I started to miss my Balenciaga again. I just needed the variety. So don't sell off all your collection just yet :p
  13. i agree with lovensparkle maybe you need a break and explore new styles. But if you don't feel happy about them then maybe it's time to let it go...wait and see so don't sell all of your collection yet...:biggrin: hopefully you'll make the right decision...:smile:
  14. I feel the same way. Aside from French Blue, I have been underwhelmed by the Balenciaga line and new styles since the Winter 06 collection. Vert Gazon looks great with GGH too, but it doesn't get
    me feeling like it's Christmas anymore.
  15. I still get giddy over 05 and prior and a select few 06 bags.