I don't even know what to think when I see things like this.

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  1. The other day I stumbled across nomarriage.com which seems to be a website written by a bitter divorced man that extols the virtues of not getting married. I spent four hours or so obsessing over it, until I realized it was all a bunch of bunk.

    Then today someone sends me this: http://www.fastseduction.com/guide/

    And I'm just in that exact same spot I was the other day. I have the creeps! I sit here wondering how many people I talk to are just following some guide... thinking about all the guys I've been with and wondering if they followed this trash. I feel duped and awful. :crybaby:

    I know I'm with a good guy now, but when I see stuff like this it just crushes me. I don't even know what to think...
  2. The nomarriage.com site is a gigantic troll. Seriously.
  3. I just looked at the nomarriage.com site. The guy who's responsible is obviously the biggest loser in the United States and he thinks that by dating women from other countries he'll have a better chance of hooking up. Thankfully, I can easily assume that most women are too smart for that.

    I'd love to see the WOMENS version of this website. I bet that would be quite interesting.
  4. That is really creepy!!!:wtf:
  5. :yes:

    "How to pick a guy that isn't an a$$hole."
  6. Hmm.. someone has some "issues"... :wtf:
  7. Of course he likes foreign women. They will cook, clean & do whatever he wants & their English is probably limited. HOWEVER, he is sadly mistaken if he thinks these foreign women have no underlying goal. They want citizenship & every penny he has so they will treat him well until he passes. If they are both happy, all is well
  8. fastseduction site was SAD and LAME....


    the site's author is probably also very similar ... :supacool:

    and still lives at home with his mom at age 40 with no real life...

  9. AGREED!!

    sometimes these people deserve each other. let him get milked for every penny and she'll divorce him when she's done with him and gotten everything she wnts.

    the only sad thing is that the general community loses out because the scheming foreign woman now has citizenship and think of the inflood of scheming foreign people. can't be a good addition to the positive and healthy growth of a community...

    i've seen so many cases where the foreign woman is this little sweet thing that is a darling. next thing you know they marry and she's getting her hands into all the $$ she can get hold of and she's NOT that sweet and innocent after all. :nogood:

    and if they can't get you to marry them, i've seen those that will convince the guy that she wants his child or even stop taking the pill so she can have a child as a bargaining chip and make the guy marry her. it's really sick. :wtf:

    to clarify i do NOT mean that all foreign women are this way. i'm just saying that there are those who will do these things to get what they want. there are lots of foreign women who are totally decent people.
  10. the nomarriage.com website is disgusting... i think it's these american guys that wrote the website that are the worst... not the women they talk about.
  11. :tup::tup::tup: :P
  12. :s it's a shame how their are people in the world who do not want others to be happy :s
  13. Thats kidda
    really creepy!!
  14. hahahahahahah

    well now the old dirtballs have their own website, good for them!!!!