I don't even HAVE my LV yet, and already I'm getting bashed

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  1. Ok so I'm just really annoyed by this. I'm apart of a "fashion" ( I use that term loosely) on LiveJournal. Over there, when I was still contemplating between Chanel, a B bag, and LV ( which btw LV all the way) I asked the members which of the brands and purse style should I pick.

    So anyway, I'm now getting bashed about how I'm some " spoiled rich girl" who is using "mommy and daddy's money to buy overpriced things" and if I loved myself then I wouldn't buy unnecessary things like designer purses.

    Wow. Really? That couldn't be far from the truth, so I just ignored it, but it seems like more and more people were jumping on the bashing bandwagon.
    Has anyone else been through something similar? Being accused of nonsense things *just* because you mentioned *insert designer here* ?
  2. i've had that happen on a parenting board. i just keep my mouth shut now. :sad: but that's okay b/c now i have tPF. :tup:
  3. Sometimes some people say things like "wow, your husband must be rich" or "you must earn a lot". I try not to pay attention to this, I think they are just jealous of my beautiful bags and taste lol:P!!!
    Don't get annoyed by these remarks, honey!!! Buy what you want!!!
  4. Please..people are such haters! Don't let this get to you - some people seriously don't know how to act and are jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealous!!!!!
  5. are these just people you know online? if its upsetting you don't be part of it any more. surely thats the answer?
  6. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy your bags:flowers:
  7. boooooo, they suck! if you like it & have some extra money go out and get that LV!!!
  8. oh yeah...I have the passive aggressive mommy friend who will say little things like, "Oh, I never buy extravagant things for myself, if we have extra money we spend it on the children, or save it to take the children on vacation..." lol.

    It's jealousy. Jealousy, pure and simple. If they weren't jealous they wouldn't CARE, and would not feel the need to try to make you feel bad.

    Don't sweat it. :smile:

    (And ftr, my kids have everything, we take vacations, and I STILL don't have my azur neverfull because I used the money I had saved to buy them a Wii! LOL LOL)
  9. I put my bags on facebook. Worst mistake I have made in a long time. I am pround of them and wanted to show them off. However I got a whole bunch of rude comments from friends and family. I am a stay at home mom so people feel as though I shouldn't have designer items. Please.. my husband works, and I do have a small business (which I use for my fun money, bags etc--Bills paid, but I don't know why anyone else cares). Why people feel the need to get in my finances is beyond me.
  10. OMG i hate those comments!!!! :nono:
  11. They are just jealous.
  12. I have a LV album on FB but made it so only I can see. I can only imagine the hate that would come if all my FB "friends" could see....
  13. That is horrible! My family and friends know I have bags and tease me but no one would ever make a nasty comment like that. I do have/had co-workers who talk behind my back but I don't care because I would never choose to socialize with them outside of work.

    OP - Just ignore them and enjoy your bags. Come here if you want to show off!
  14. They are just jealous. And I think people are more rude on the internet then IRL.. It's so easy to say mean things when you hide behind the computer screen...

    Only place i show off my purses is on tPF:smile:
  15. I know, I get that, too. From friends and family - some of whom have very expensive bags themselves! I've learned to quietly make purchases and say "this old thing?" even when it's brand new and hasn't even been available for purchase long.