i don't doubt the authenticity, but do the experts think this is togo or clemence?

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  1. I am no help but the white is gorgeous! :biggrin:
  2. isn't it yummy in that squishy leather. i couldn't live with it, but it's my favorite way to see the bolide i think.
  3. agree! agree! :yes:
  4. Does look like Clemence even though she calls it Togo...hmmm
  5. If my memory serves me correct, bolides in clemence slouch much more than that.
  6. the grain of the leather is just so so big to be togo, no?
  7. I don't go by the grain, because they really can mimic each other in that aspect. I've seen items labeled togo that look like clemence and vice versa. I've learned to go by the feel and appearance of the bag. Clemence is so slouchy it can barely stand up by itself.
  8. Agree with hermesgroupie. Clemence is slouchy (my Birkin is clemence, look at the photo in my avatar), but togo can be also, although not as much as clemence.
  9. I've noticed that the hand of just about all the leathers vary from piece to piece and bag to bag, etc. Some of my Togo bags were softer than others, some stiffer, etc. Same with Clemence. Having said that, the white Bolide in question looks like Clemence to me. I've never seen a Togo Bolide 31 slouch that much. Perhaps the seller kept the air pillows inside or stuffed it to keep the shape, but it really looks like Clemence to me.

    Maybe the seller is a member here and can verify (perhaps she has the leather written on a receipt or something!).
  10. yup, it's clemence
  11. i love both leathers. i only stumbled upon this because xquiste i think it was, posted about her dream birkin and this was posted among the same seller's items, and while i was thinking out loud, i typed my question here. it's very interesting to hear the different opinions, and it makes me think how lucky we are to have PF, where i can find so many kind and informed people who will respond to my musings. thank you guys.
  12. This also looks like Clemence to me, I have a Bolide in Clemence, and if I stuff it, it doesn't look slouchy either, so I guess this one is just well stuffed!!:P