I don't care for the legacy shoulder, need suggestions.

  1. I just got my Legacy Shoulder Bag in Rose today and I don't care for it. It doesn't fit on my arm the way my Carly does. So I think I'm going to return it and get something else. Besides the Carly what fits well on your arm? I'm a plus sized girl and have bigger arms. I LOVE the Carly and the way it fits and want something that hangs like that. What do you all think? The Ergo? I don't think I can afford the Ali but it looks nice. I need help, LOL!
  2. I'm a plus size girl too, so I totally feel your pain on that! Plus, those little bags like the shoulder, make my arms look huge, which I so don't need. *L*

    I have a Carly too, and love her.

    I've had GREAT luck with my large ergo tote. It fits like a dream and is so light. I love it.

    Ali also fits really well, and I have no problems with her.

    I bought a large ergo hobo but have found that when I try and keep it between my arm and my side (if that makes sense) the strap falls off my shoulder. In order for it to stay on, I need to push the bag back behind my armpit to carry it, so my arm will be at my side, and the bag part will be out behind my arm. (I didn't explain that very well, so I hope it makes sense anyway. *L*)

    When I tried on a gallery tote it looked pretty good on me and seemed comfortable, but I dunno about those skinny straps.


    Oh also, I bought a Soho hobo when I was working at the outlet. It's the one that's straight across the top so it slouches a little bit and it fit really well too. (it's not the crescent shaped Soho hobo, I'm talking about the other one.)
  3. Another ample goddess here! I like the way an Ali fits my body. I would really recommend that bag if you want a Legacy. The Mandy is also a good fit but we are talking pricey now! Other bags I love and find to be in good proportion are (besides the Carly) are the large Ergo tote, the large Soho hobo,and the large Ergo hobo (the patent ones are TDF) The other thing you can consider is ANOTHER Carly in a different color.
  4. Bethie, have you looked at the Legacy Shoulder Zip? It's nearly the same size as the Shoulder Bag but it doesn't have the pockets on the front, making it less bulky, and the strap has a longer drop. :yes:
  5. Thanks Everyone! The Ergo is one I'm really considering. I like that you say it feels light because the Carly is on the heavier side. Nothing I can't stand but it would be better if it was a bit lighter.

    I'm going to Memphis this weekend for PCE so hopefully can try the Ergo's on to see. I want to stick with a leather bag since my Carly isn't though. The Ergo really looks like the way to go.

    What is still available in the stores? Is the Shoulder Bag or the Ali still available in store or only on order? I hate not having a Coach Store closer. I can't go in and try them on but now I'm afraid that they won't have that much to choose from in the store. Ick, I need to move!!!!!
  6. Legacy bags are only available in certain stores. I would call ahead and ask if they have them. Many of the stores don't have the patent Ergo available for sale yet but they do have them in the back for you to see and try on. If you don't SEE what you want, ASK! IF you basically know which one you want you can call ahead and they will hold the bag for 48 hours. Good Luck!
  7. I really don't know which one. I'm going to look at some pictures and call ahead. I don't know if I want a patent Ergo. I really want a whisky or brown or caramel color. One that will go with anything. The Caramel Leather Carly is really pretty.......I think I'll reserach and call ahead.
  8. I really like my vintage leather ergo hobo - it's kind of a cross between the camel color it comes in, and the whiskey of the legacy leathers. I like this bag because from most angles, it looks bigger than my butt does (hello, why I am a diehard large purse woman. I find that it hangs on to my shoulder well hanging under my arm, and the piece de resistance... it will stay put even with my daughter's sling over my shoulder. That's how I knew it was a keeper. :smile:
  9. I definitely agree about the vintage leather. If you're considering the ergo large tote and want a brown color, if you can afford it, I would definitely recommend the vintage one. It's the one I have.

    The camel one was alright, but for some reason the color just wasn't quite right for my taste. It seemed...flat, maybe? Or maybe I just didn't like the shade much. The vintage one has a little bit more orange in it to give it that warm color that is so fantastic. Plus, mine is developing it's patina already so it's only going to get richer and more gorgeous the more I wear it.

    As for Legacy being available in stores still, I guess it depends on the store. I've been to two in my area, one in a huge mall, and one in a smaller mall. Both don't have a lot of Legacy, but they do have some in the back wall next to where the shoes would normally go.
  10. I found a picture, and scanned it, to illustrate what you're talking about.

    And can I just say, tangentially, HOW SMALL IS THIS MODEL! I think she's not just thin, but completely short and tiny and everything! Because the bag is big, but I don't think it's longer than my entire arm from shoulder to elbow. But I could be wrong.
  11. Funny, I am a bigger girl as well and the carly doesn't fit on my shoulder. I have narrow shoulders so I need the smaller straps so they don't slide off. Right now I am carrying a large soho hobo. I love the ergo hobo with pocket on the front (not the smaller one). I just got a carly demi and I am thinking of exchanging for that!
  12. I just bought the ali and I love her!! She doesn't make my arm look bigger, you can see the pattern, and I can swing her a little past my arm.. not too heavy and a nice fat strap to stay on my shoulder!! Good luck ;)