i dont care for patina

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  1. hello all i almost hate myself for saying this but i dont really love how the leather on louis vuitton bags oxidize and turn patina... i dont mind a light honey color but is there any way to stop or slow down this process? maybe by using a conditioner or something please let me know! thank you :yes:
  2. i hate it also. once it gets dark and dirty looking i stop using the bag and get a new one.
  3. Nothing can stop it. I find that if I rotate my bags enough and store them well that it takes longer for the vanchetta to patina. I have had my MC Alma for almost a year and the vanchetta is still VERY light! If it gets too dark I plan on replacing the handles and piping. LOL. I hate patina!
  4. I love dark patina not too dark but, dark enough....
  5. Ditto!
  6. I love patina...but my Mom doesn't like it either....I've been the recipient of some nice bags of hers so I can't complain.
  7. I'm tossed up on that whole issue. I have bags at various stages.....I have one pochette that is a very dark patina and it is TDF! And then my virgin babies....love them too....ahh shoot I love them! Gives each bag it's own timeline and uniqueness!
  8. me... i like when its a dark gold.... like a over-the-fire marshmallow! my mom LOVES patina. she likes it when it turns chocolate... ick (imo)
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