I Dont Belive I Missed Out!

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  1. I should have bought it when I had the chance ... The LV store here had the white Roxbury Drive in Vernis pearle , and i didnt get it yesterday when I had the chance ... I was strapped for time and ... ohhh bother.. it would mach sooo well with the change purse I have in the pearle ...:sad2: ... The SA told me ... dont think about it when you buy it think about it LATER ... i'll remeber that for next time ....
  2. poor you
  3. Your SA is right :biggrin:
  4. i am so sorry. but you sa was right. unfortunately, with some bags that is what you have to do. but i do believe that things happen for a reason. so not to worry that special bag is waiting for you somewhere. and before you know it, you and that bag will be united.
  5. I buy first then think later for certain things. I know how regret feels....
  6. Agreed:nuts:
  7. I agree - everything happens for a reason. But I do the same thing...impulse buy, and then return a lot. So, if you're OK with returns, then your SA is right!
  8. Ugh, hate that. I feel your pain.
  9. Oh... I'm sorry. My mom got me that for my birthday it's so precious. You should go back to see if they still have it if not you should go on eluxury or call their hotline.
  10. I hate to repeat what everyone has so emphatically stated but your SA was right!

    If you have the $$moolah$$ when you see something you like, don't think about it....grab it and run! (well not literally, but you know what I mean).:oh: :amuse:
  11. Celesus, not all is lost. If you still want it, try 1-866-vuitton. They can locate any remaining Roxbury Drive in Perle for you in the country. The only thing is that you'll be charged for shipping, which is not that bad. I used the service just the other week to locate and purchase an item that's been discontinued for a couple years. :P
  12. ***hugs***
  13. I would definitely phone the 866 number ! Don't give up ! ;)
  14. I'm sure you can get it! Its still a current model is it not? The Roxbury Drive is AMAZING IRL!
  15. ::hugs:: feeling your pain! i hesitated on two coveted items and now i'm kicking myself for not snatching them up! good luck with your search!