I don't believe this!!!!

  1. wow! that is amazing. Whoever gets this is very lucky :yes:

    omg.... the "buy it now" price is $42,173.82....
  2. If it's real, it's probably a really good deal at the minimum price....
  3. Wow! that BIN price is unbelievably insane!

    Not sure if I like the bag though...
  4. Holy cow.. totally insane !!!

    It looks kinda like a spaceship tho !
  5. I'm pretty sure it's real, the lister actually posted on another forum asking about the price he should sell it at because his friend was given the bag after the show and she wanted him to sell it for her...he actually went to the show and many other shows during fashion week in Europe
  6. hahaha what an insane buy it now price. That bag is too weird looking for me!
  7. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for me ... what was Galiano thinking when he designed it ?? :sick:
  8. the bag is odd looking to me. but the BIN price is crazy!
  9. Why is this bag so expensive if it's not made from exotic skins?
  10. I rather drive a nice car than carry that bag!
  11. Hmm.. it ended, but I guess no one bought it. Probably the BIN scared them away! It'd scare me away too!
  12. weird bag - absurd price :yucky:
  13. it's not fake but the price is completely insane.
  14. DUDE..that price is NUTSO...LOLOL!