I done did it

  1. A little vixen at a jewelry board I belong to started a Balenciaga discussion wherein TPF was mentioned whereby I -- against my better judgment -- joined to learn all I could about these bags which in turn caused my brain to go mushy and next thing I knew, I got this in the mail today--BI First.:yahoo:
    Thanks to all of you who post here for providing tons of info & pics. The pics are especially helpful in choosing a bag that ya haven't seen IRL.
    onme.jpg bag&tree.jpg bagwithflash.jpg
  2. Hi there, welcome!:yes:

    Congrats!!!! I love blue india.:love:
  3. hi..and welcome!
    she is so pretty...congrats!
  4. Welcome and congrats!:yahoo:
  5. haha! I think I know the vixen and the board;) You BI is absolutely gorgeous! I really really want a BI now:push:
  6. Hee. Welcome to the dark side! :graucho:
  7. Congrats and Welcome!
  8. COngrats!!! the bag looks great on u!! welcome to the club :smile:
  9. yay! congrats.

    I promise that these bags are addicting! you'll want more:yes:
  10. Welcome and congrats on your first bbag ! It's very pretty !!
  11. Shes really pretty... what a great xmas gift for yourself.:tender:
  12. Welcome and congrats.
  13. Welcome :welcome: Congrats on your new bbag....I hope this is going to be the first of many gorgeous bbags:graucho:
  14. Wow...congrats!!!!!!!! Beautiful bag!

    Welcome to tPF!!!
  15. Congrats on your first b-bag!