I do NOT think I can wait 4 more weeks for PCE

  1. if it's even 12/1-12/9

    BUTTTTT I am such a horrible liar, I said I was going on a ban, but only for a month because this lovely baby shall be mine for December PCE.


    Is this bag really heavy? I've never tried it on IRL, but i've seen it and love it. And plus, it's time to add more leather to my closet lol.

    Or is Juniper a more practical color????
  2. Gorgeous! I would say the raisin is more practical but lately I'm anything but practical!!
    I so cannot WAIT til PCE!
  3. raisin is just tdf.
  4. Raisin is gorgeous...I have loved this bag since I saw it in citron....
  5. I think the raisin is more versatile and more beautiful than the green. GREAT CHOICE! It is SO PRETTY in person. yum.....Doesn't Liz own this same bag in raisin? Maybe she can chime in about the weight. If I was you I'd try and wait till PCE...you could save $150 and use your savings to buy matching accessories.:tup:
  6. How yummy....I LOVE that color!!!
  7. Love it!
  8. I love the raisin!!! I have thought about getting the shoulder bag in raisin, but I already have 2! So I have been secretly wanting the leigh too... I would also like to know if it is heavy and if it would fit under my arm OK..

    I know it's hard but waiting until PCE will be worth it!
  9. Man......I wish I could GET PCE.
  10. Hey! I am getting this bag in black because it is exactly what I was looking for in a black leather bag...
    so I tried it on at the store and it is heavenly! It is lightweight but feels like it has substance, and the fun legacy stripe print on the inside will make you smile every time you open one of the pockets to get something out!!! Back zippered pocket is also helpful.
    a GREAT bag. I cannot WAIT to get it.:heart::tup:
  11. The raisin is a really nice color and I tried this bag on and it was pretty heavy for me. But heavy for me might be light for someone else because I only carry small bags. I am however going to get a legacy bag with my weight loss winnings.
  12. That color is TDF!!!! :drool:
  13. It is a great bag and fits quite alot in it. I don't find it heavy at all if you don't load it up. If you load any bag up it will become heavy though. Great choice for the next PCE!
  14. I just had to double post because I think the Raisin is double yummy! LOL:upsidedown::upsidedown:
  15. I have the Leigh in Junipter and I love her! I am just more of a green type of gal!
    She looks really good when you are wearing pink or purple. I really like both
    colors Raisin and Junipter.I guess its what you like! I think the leigh is a good choice you can dress her up or down! I really dont think she is to heavy either it was hard at first to get use to the shorter strap now it doesnt bother me maybe she has stretched out because she fits on my shoulder fine! I would just make sure you try her on first!