I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

  1. Nope, never. Not even sure what it is, lol or when it airs or where.

    I love Animal Planet channel, do you?
  2. Yes

    I am looking for a puppy for my little girl and not sure what to get, do you?
  3. A yellow lab, labradoodle or soft coat wheaten terrier ...so many puppies to choose from!!!

    What type of dog is your favorite?
  4. Any big dogs- don't like lil ones

    I just joined TPF, did you?
  5. no...welcome :flowers:

    I'm thirsty right now. are you?
  6. Nope

    I just had biscotti, did you?
  7. no

    I'm drinking milk. are you?
  8. Nope

    I just brushed my teeth, did you?
  9. yes

    i ate too much fast food did you?
  10. no

    I drank a lot of coffee this morning, did you?
  11. Yes

    I ran 3 miles today, did you?
  12. Nope

    I ate too many Easter eggs today, did you?
  13. no

    i ate cheesecake today did you?
  14. no

    I listened to my headphones today, did you?
  15. No

    I had scrambled eggs and baked beans on toast this morning, did you?