I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

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  1. No

    I much prefer cold weather to warm, do you?
  2. No
    same question
  3. I prefer about 75 and no humidity-but HOT weather-NOPE!
    I like to walk-do you?
  4. Yes

    I'm feeling really flat today, are you?
  5. Not today.
    luvprada and lovlouisvuitton like this.
  6. I am sleepy today-are you?
  7. Yes

    I'm not looking forward to the seasons changing, are you?
  8. No, it will be winter here in the Midwest ..brrrr!
    Same question?
  9. Yes-I love the changes of seasons.
    I am getting my nails done today, are you?
  10. Next week for me!

    I received a phone scam call yesterday, did you?
  11. Not sure or it was a telemarketer
    Received a scam email?
  12. Yes
    Same question
  13. Many times
    I am an extrovert-are you?
  14. I was - But can still be at times

    I have to go out in hot weather today, do you?
  15. No
    Went grocery shopping today?