I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

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  1. No

    I am allergic to seafood, are you?
  2. I am not
    I am old-are you?
  3. Middle aged :P

    I'm concerned about a few things, are you?
  4. Always-I'm a worrier.
    Same question
  5. yes

    I did some shopping this weekend, did you?
  6. No

    I'm relaxing at home today, are you?
  7. Yes
    I’m not feeling well today are you?
  8. I'm not feeling great either!
    I have to get my flu shot-are you getting one?
  9. No

    I have to go out when it's pouring down with rain today, do you?
  10. Yes sprinkling not pouring
    My car is in the shop is yours?
  11. Mine is not
    I had to add oil to my car yesterday-did you?
  12. No

    I'm relaxing at home today, are you?
  13. I’m not
    I had training at work this week did you?
  14. I did not-retired.
    I don't feel great today-do you?
  15. Same - I don't feel great either

    I have the heating on ATM, do you?