I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

  1. Nope, mayb lost a pound

    I'm sick of the winter, are you?
  2. Kinda, but then again i love summer but end up being a hermit throughout :sad:

    I am in need of a nail paint change, are you?
  3. Oh yes...

    I'm in need of a pedi, do u?
  4. YES please!!

    I have a headache, do you?
  5. yes

    i have chipped polish on do you?
  6. Yes {blushes}

    I just changed my signature, did you?
  7. No but nice signature! ^^

    I'm going to have a mommy day with my friends, are you?
  8. No, had cleaning and shopping to do

    I am doing a work-out soon to relieve some stress, are you?
  9. no

    i am going to buy some make up tomorrow are you?
  10. No

    I am going shopping tomorrow, are you?
  11. Yes

    I'm driving the carpool today, are you?
  12. no

    i watched a cooking show today, did you?
  13. No

    I am viewing tpf.com on my cell phone, are you?
  14. No but I have....

    Really want to get the new Ipad2, do you?
  15. No

    Want a blackberry, do you?