I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

  1. No

    I had some chocolate today, did you?
  2. No

    I cleaned my mums cupboards today, did you?
  3. I did not...

    I went for a walk today, did you?
  4. No, i do need the exercise though...

    I am hungry AGAIN, are you?
  5. getting there.....

    I shaved my legs today, did you?
  6. No, going to later on though...

    I got a new skirt today, did you?
  7. I did not...boo hoo....

    I did the laundry today, did you?
  8. Nope I got that done already :biggrin:

    I should be working...should you?
  9. Yep.

    I am hungry right now..are you?
  10. YES, i want my dinner but gotta wait a bit (out come the Doritos to nibble on whilst i wait, lol!)

    I did a really good work-out today, did you?
  11. no

    I had a great morning today. did you?
  12. Yes

    I've got dinner started already (crockpot), do you?
  13. I am eating already, lol!

    eBay stresses me out, does it you?
  14. Oh yes...damn those sniper bidders @ the very end- winning by a quarter!!!

    My feet are REALLY cold, are yours?
  15. No, i have my sooo not sexy slipper boots on

    I think i gained weight this week, have you?