I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

  1. Went out yes, with friends no.

    I had sushi tonight, did you?
  2. No.

    I went swimming this morning, did you?
  3. Yes

    I am going grocery shopping, are you?
  4. no

    it's raining here. is it raining there?
  5. No

    I went to the gym today, did you?
  6. no

    I ate fish for dinner today. did you?
  7. No.

    I went grocery shopping today, did you?
  8. No.

    I'm at work right now, are you?
  9. Nope

    I'm going to the movies tonight, are you?
  10. Yes!

    I'm hungry, are you?
  11. no

    I'm sleepy. are you?
  12. Yes

    I have a dog, do you?
  13. yes, I have 2 yellow labs

    I'm watching the olympics now. are you?
  14. No

    I'm tired, are you?
  15. starting to get tired

    I was on a swim team when I was younger. were you?