I do, do you? I am, are you? I have, have you?

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  1. I just went to Target, did you?
  2. No

    I am really tired, are you?
  3. not yet hehe

    reading an old book on kindle that I read years ago
  4. No I'm not

    Does not find Adam Sandler funny, do you?
  5. Neither.

    Off to school now. How about you?
  6. No

    I just came from the mall, did you?
  7. no i wish!
    im bumming on the couch and watching tv.
    are you?
  8. Well i am bumming on the couch, on TPF, lol!

    I am going to a ZUMBA class today, are you?
  9. No

    I'm listening to music right now, are you?
  10. No

    I am about to catch up on a "Gossip girl" episode, are you?
  11. no

    i have a big headache ,do you?
  12. Usually but not today- hope you feel better!

    Just fed my kitty, did you just feed a pet?
  13. thanks!
    i just fed my chinchillas and dog

    im going to study for a bit are you?
  14. No

    I willbe going to bed soon (soooo tired!) will you?