I DIT IT!!! I made the sacrifice!

  1. After lots of advice from you guys I took the plunge and listed my mono speedy 25 on ebay in the hope I can find an authentic cerises speedy to take its place...:crybaby:

    I feel like a bad mum for selling a child...but I'm so madly in love with the cerises speedy:love: .

    I'll let you all know how my quest goes and thanks for the support!:flowers:
  2. Awww... it's so hard to let go...

    but so easy to bring in a Cerises Speedy!!! :nuts: lol.
  3. Oh how exciting!! Good luck with your sale, and more important, your next purchase!!
  4. the cerises speedy is really cute. good luck with your sale!
  5. Yay!!:yahoo: You'll be happy you did as soon as you get that great cerises in your hands:yes:
    I'm so excited,:party: I found one last night on e-bay and hit that BIN button so fast my head spun!!!:yahoo: Please keep me posted and I'll definetely keep my eye out for you!!!
  6. Aww congrats ranskimmie I'm deliriously happy for you!!!:yahoo:
    And thanks for the offer to keep an eye out for me!!!:flowers:

    If I don't find one thats DEFINITELY authentic by the end of the month and in great condition, I might just BIN thehuangfamily one...even though it's horrifically exensive lol...:shame:

    I'll keep you posted!!!
  7. I know its harder than heck, but hang in there you never know whats goint to pop up day to day on e-bay:heart: ;) :heart:
  8. goodluck with your sale and finding a Cerise Speedy!
  9. Good luck and just wait the perfect cerises speedy will be there waiting for you when you LEAST expect it.
  10. Aww, you really sold your first?! that sucks, I could never let go of my one & only! Its hard for me to even put my first MAC powder compact in my B2M box! Haha I get sentimental with firsts.
  11. May I ask, which auction is yours on ebay? or it already sold? I only seen a Speedy 30. So is the 25 smaller by a lot??
  12. Good luck with your quest to find a cerise speedy and selling your purse!
  13. Knowing ebay (verryy slllooowwww) my auction probably won't show up until tomorrow.:rant:

    Thanks for all your lovely words guys!!! I bet I'll be dreaming about cerises speedy's tonight...:love:
  14. Well, yeah I'm ATTEMPTING to sell my first, but if it doesn't sell I won't be too upset lol:lol:.

    It's hard to say goodbye to the first, but it's for the greater good!
  15. Cerises is so special, you won't regret it for very long. Once that cutie shows up on your doorstep you won't look back.