I discovered a way to get glitter off easily!

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  1. Well this may be a terrible way but it works for me...


    1. Soak your fingers in one of those bottles with the sponge and remover inside...Sephora's Instant Nail Polish remover is the best one for me not to mention it smells nice and is really really good at removing non-glitters.


    2. When all that's left is the glitter and the polish has been soaked off, take an x-acto knife and just chip the glitters off!! Be careful not to cut yourself or dig too deep so that you damage your nails. This part is much easier than it looks and is less frustrating than soaking your fingers which actually damages them more. It takes a few second per finger, max.


    3. Put your fingers back in the remover and all that extra gunk will come right off!


    Let me know if you try this XD
  2. I've actually done this before, not with an x-acto knife though (that sounds kind of scary!). I just used tweezers. A cuticle pusher tool would probably work too. I'm always just scared of scratching off the surface of my nails though! :shocked:
  3. Same here, I have tried it this way, with a cuticle pusher, but frankly the nails got damaged and was a lot more work than the foil method.
  4. I used a cuticle pusher too. I had to be careful and that worked for me.
  5. This is terrible advice. Soaking your hands in acetone is not damaging unless you do not moisturize after. You can add some cuticle oil to your acetone while your soak or just give them a nice oil after soaking. Proper nail care takes time, it's not an instant thing. Even if you don't use acetone, your hands can dry out by not taking care of them with cuticle oil and hand cream. You are taking off a layer of your nail when you use the x-acto knife to chip it off too...
  6. No you don't, it just pushes the glitter off. I didn't damage my nails at all. AFAIK soaking in acetone makes my nails weaker.
  7. I think there's a bit of dispute about how damaging acetone is. Some people won't use it at all. I HATE the fumes but find as long as I moisturize it's fine.

    I wouldn't use an exacto knife, but a cuticle pusher sounds fine. TBH as long as you keep the cotton ball w/acetone on/soak your fingertips in acetone/or whatever technique you use for that stage--if you do it long enough the glitter will be softened and will scrape EASILY off your nails. I have done it w/my thumbnails, since those nails are for some reason supernaturally strong (unlike the other ones, grrr.) That might be the best way of all since it's very tactile and you'll easily be able to tell if you're scraping too hard. :smile:
  8. Sounds scary to me...I would probably slice my nails accidentally :cry:
  9. Yeah this sounds pretty damaging to the nails. I just posted in the "peel off basecoat" thread, but I used the Elmer's glue method and it worked like a charm.
  10. The knife (or cuticle pusher as other suggested) didn't even TOUCH my nails, only the glitter on top :smile: unless you press too hard...
  11. isnt the foil method better? if youre gonna have your fingers and nails soaking in acetone might as well get it all off instead of using the exacto knife (id be scared)

    get a cotton ball with acetone or np remover.
    unravel it rip off a piece put it on your nail.
    cover with a small piece of foil and let it sit for a few minutes.
    after about 3 mins, wiggle it off and the glitter usually just slides right off.
  12. Not sure if it's better, it does take much longer :smile:
  13. true. it used to take me a lot longer when i first started, but with practice it got easier...either method still takes less time than scrubbing glitter off the old fashioned way.

    also u can add glycerine to your acetone to make it easier on your nails and skin.
    heres a link. don't know if its common knowledge.
  14. Even though the knife doesn't touch your nails, the glitter is still STUCK to them, therefore (in my mind this is common sense talking) pulling what the glitter is still stuck to (your nail bed) with it.

    But hey, maybe if you keep doing it, you can report back in a couple months. I may be wrong.

    As TastetheRainbow suggested, adding glycerin to pure acetone remover helps quite a bit with retaining moisture instead of being sucked dry by the foil method.
  15. The glitter and the polish underneath it is already partially dissolved, so it's already soft and not entirely stuck to your nail bed. I don't (personally) feel it's any worse than getting the glitter off with a napkin if you use a little force.. I think my gripe with the foil/acetone method is only that it's too slow :P I've been using this for like a week and my hands have been quite happy not having to use acetone as long!