I discovered a cleaner!

  1. So I don't like the scotchgard. My pirata already was a little dirty on the back, so I was pretty mad.

    Then yesterday I was wandering around the internet and found this. It says specifically that it cleans nylon, and I'm mad enough that I'm willing to spend more money to try it.

    I bought it today, and it works!!! The fact that it has the brush part is great, too, to get the dirt off. It worked really well on my pirata, and quite well on my foresta. The foresta dirt is REALLY ground in there, so that's pretty good. I definitely think this thing is easily the best out of anything I've used (although I haven't tried the Tide Pen).

    Thumbs up for the Gel Cleaner! :wlae:
  2. Ohhh Thanks! My original bella is dirty dirty! I will def try and look for this at my target and walmart! Thanks soo much Frogbubbles!
  3. I can't get the link to open but do you think it's something I can buy in a local store or do I have to buy it on the internet? I never used my scotchguard or my tide pen. The back of my adios is getting pretty dirty but I think it's dye transfer from my sweaters...it's the only thing that makes any sense and i doubt anything will remove that stain other than bleach :graucho:
  4. So do you guys recommend using scotchgard on the bags first to protect them or is that not a good idea?
  5. Tokilicious: it says it's made in the US, so presumably you could find it down there. It's called "gel cleaner: all-purpose cleaner for ...blah blah blah". It's blue and definitely gel. Oh, and the company maker seems to be Sof Sole.

    snapcat: If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have bothered with the scotchgard. It didn't seem to do anything that useful. So damn hard to tell, though.
  6. I bought the scotchguard but was too afraid to use it so I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not! :shrugs:

    Thanks Frogbubbles, I'll look for that cleaner...who knows if I'll ever use it, but I'll look for it! :graucho:
  7. Well, to me, the scotchgaurd worked. I asked my friend to hold my purse for a sec and he had something to do so me placed it on the hood of his crazy dirty car. My bf and I were like :shocked: ! It was my paradiso zucca, the color are light and it attracts dirt like a magnet, but when I ran over and picked it up, not a speck of dirt in sight! I had scotchguarded it a few days prior. I swear by that. My tide pen is also a miracle, but Im always up for more options! I think Ill stop by walmart later to check and see if they carry that cleaner frogbubbles was talking about. Ill let you guys know tonight!
  8. Man, I wish the scotchgard worked for me!
  9. maybe your scotchguard was wearing off and needed to be reapplied Frogbubbles??:shrugs:
  10. I don't think so, I haven't had my bag for long, and I definitely put on enough.
  11. :hrmm: I gave up trying to keep mine clean. I do the best I can and that's it...if I get stains, I get stains...I don't :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: about it anymore...but I definitely know how you feel!
  12. I'm just irritated by the icky that gets on them from rubbing against me. It adds up to a lot of dirt...I wear one of the two almost every day.

    But now I've got my nifty cleaner I can be happy knowing I can get it off again.
  13. Is the ick that you've been taking off dye from your clothes?? I just thought you meant dirt in general but my 2 zuccas are getting filthy from rubbing up against my sweaters & shirts and it makes no sense to me....I haven't tried to get it off b/c it's super annoying and i'm sure it'll be back but if your new cleaner is taking that off...I'm buying some!!
  14. I don't know, but whatever it is it's coming from the areas that touch me....that's the dirty bits I'm talking about! :smile:
  15. Well I've got that same issue :confused1: :shrugs:

    Your new cleaner takes that gunk off?? I'm getting some...was it super expensive??