I died! Royal Blue Snake Box!

Oct 14, 2007
without flash - it's the closest to the color in my room, but i believe when it's under daylight or normal brighter light, it'll be more like the pop color mode or with like the flash one. My room is a bit dark!


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Oct 14, 2007
taken with the Hermes scarf I've just purchased today, they're both blue! These purchases were totally spontaneous and was never planned.
I just happened to visit the Celine store to see the trapeze as I was called in, I saw a Tri-color nano with snake skin, but I wasn't allowed to buy it as I wasn't on list for the luggage. But SA told me this pretty one they just got, I know the minute I said ok I'd just "take a look" that I have to buy it.

I was thinking the longest time to custom order a fluo pink box with snake skin, but I think the fluo pink has gotten very popular and I also have pink for the mini luggage, this royal blue is indeed the perfect choice!

oh and by the way, if anyone is thinking between Micro and Mini luggage, DO get the micro as it's sooooooo much lighter!!! The only problem I had is just that distance of the zipper to the handle is not as proportional as the mini and nano, so it's looking like a fake mini at first sight LOL


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Kai TresChic

Loewe Lover
Jul 19, 2012
Yes she's sooo gorgeous, I was trying to hide my emotions by saying to the SA I'm thinking about it... and looking busy on the phone LOL,,, but in my mind, I wasn't thinking how to reject buying it, I was thinking how I break the news to my DH LOL, that's the REAL problem hahahaha

OMG I JUST DIED AS WELL!!! Gooorrrgggeeee!!! Über tres chic!!! Haha! Loved how you were more worried about thinking of an excuse for your DH!:biggrin:
I am seriously in need of an exotic bag in my wardrobe as well!!!