I didn't study, what to do?


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I have a test today in my psych. class I honestly didn't study. I didn't have time. Should I go and fail it misserably or skip it and go to the doctor for some fake illness and get a doctors note so I can make it up? :lol:
I would get the excuse. Sometimes there is just too much going on to study, I remember those days.

What Psych class?
Sometimes, though, the make up test is harder. My friend was really sick and we had the same art class and she told me about the make up test. It was a lot harder than the test we took.
it's developmental psych. a must for nursing. I think it's 201 or 220. I can't remember :P It's not like a mid term or anything so I guess I could just get an excuse. There is a final exam that is not mandatory but I could take it to make up for it.
Get the excuse--there's nothing worst than taking a test and not have studied for it. I took a test yesterday, even though I did study--I felt that I needed more time to study. I dont think I did too good. It was a quantatitive methods test and even left one whole problem blank. I felt terrible and not looking forward to seeing my test grade.
Okay--in the interests of full disclosure I have to tell you I'm a prof at a university in the behavioral sciences and the medical note is probably not going to fool your prof. In fact, I don't even accept them anymore for makeups, unless it's a hospital stay. You may think your prof is not going to notice that you're underperforming, but he/she knows all too well that you just fell behind and now are trying to salvage the situation. I don't know what time it is where you are--where I am it's late afternoon, so you may have already blown off the exam. In my opinion, you should have shown up, owned up to it, which would have made you look less immature to your prof, and asked honestly if you could have a makeup. If I were your prof, I would have respected you more for being forthcoming. (I probably still wouldn't have given you the option to make it up, though!)
The test is at 5:45pm I already contacted my prof and she said ok, just bring a note. So I'm off to the doctor ;) With working 50hrs a week and a sick baby the past 2 weeks and he has an upcoming surgery on the 13th, studying was the last thing on my mind and I'm not ready. I attend every class and am never late so I deserve this, IMO.