I didn't see a post about this yet so....

  1. ...here goes:

    Saks Designers Day Off

    this is pretty similer to NM "Private NIght" except Saks has their merchandise is marked down 30% to 40% off today only.

  2. I got TONS of stuff today at Saks..DIOR had their bags 40% off(I got the vintage messenger!)!I got Prada shoes 30 % off..and TONS of clothes!
  3. wait, this instore only??
  4. In store only?
  5. Which Saks did you go to?
  6. ^SAKS in PA
  7. The sale is on the web too...but the site is running really slowly and has been all day long. I went to b&m saks Pittsburgh and left empty handed... nothing I HAD to have.
  8. I bought a ton of things at Saks today. MY SA told me tonight (right before closing) that SAKS is going to run the sale again tomorrow!