I didn't receive the item!!

  1. Hey guys!! I'm so upset right now so please forgive me if this post lacks coherence. I also tried doing a search for previous threads but nothing would come up... Redirect if necessary, mods!!

    So this is the story: I bought a watch thru eBay (Buy It Now) this past Aug 14th. I paid the very next day with PayPal. Item was sent to my cousin's address in Texas. So I check the tracking number on usps.com and it tells me the item has been delivered on Aug 18th.

    Problem is, my cousin never received it!!

    There's nothing in the post box; no slip for you to go pick it up at the office, nothing!! My cousin couldn't possibly be lying because it was a present for him in the first place. Since it's an apartment building I'm worried they might've put it in the wrong box or something...

    I'm so mad right now I can't think straight. I called the usps customer service line and all they can do is file a report and get back to me in 24hrs.

    Please guys, what can I do?? I don't want the seller to think I'm trying to scam him :crybaby:. We genuinely didn't receive it!! Problem is, the usps says we did.

    Help me, please!!
  2. Was the item insured? I guess you did not ask for signature confirmation?

    I would have him go to the PO and see if it is there.
  3. Oh hehehehehe. Fauve, you were spot on! The item is actually in the post office. When I first called I was told it had been delivered and didn't inquire further.. one of my friends calmed me down and gave me the idea to call the actual post office in the area and it turns out it's right there!

    My cousin will be picking it up tomorrow. Sorry, and thanks!!