I didn't realize we soooo lost Irene, she's now H_addict

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  1. I've just been looking around Hermes and I guess haven't paid a lot attention to everything the past couple of months or something. You were an LV idol Irene:yes: :lol: :lol: :lol: I can't believe I only just realized this now.....
  2. yep. She said au revoir some time ago with a nod to very special limited editions only... and sold most of her LV collections, one special LH to a pfer!

    Not that I'm keeping track or anything... haha...
  3. Yah I saw her new name in the Bag Collection Thread.
  4. what's her new name?
  5. H_addict, what else?!!
  6. LOL!!! You guys are cracking me up!!! Yes, indeed! I am now a certified H_addict!!! LOL!!!:wlae:
  7. :lol:
  8. I"m OK with it though, bc she is still sweet and helpful and lovely.....:flowers:
    And, she promises to visit often, right?!?!:p
  9. OH no.....well, it's official now with the name change!! That's okay, though Irene, we still love ya!!!!!
  10. Oh my gosh! I just realized Irene's name was changed from LV_Addict to H_addict!! Sorry, kinda slow.:shame: We miss you!!
  11. i didn't realise there was a name change either! i guess that makes it official she's gone to the dark side
  12. Yeah, I saw that yesterday...

    ... ...
    ... ... ...TRAITOR!!! :ban:

    jk. ;)
  13. LMAO! :push: haha
  14. Oh, I'm totally OK with it, I just thought it was funny that I hadn't realized the extent of it........Hermes is awesome and I really envy her for being able to sell off so much of her collection....
  15. LOL, yeah I don't mean anything bad by it, Hermes is wonderful and I LOVE that orange ( I know the real name but can't think of how to spell) Kelly you got!! AND you did keep some wonderful LV pieces. I'm just trying to be a little silly.... I thought something was fishy when I saw a post where someone purchased your mandarin speedy and french purse:p . Did you keep any of your Noe's???