I Didn't Realize how much of a scene-stealer a B-bag can be

  1. I've been carrying my Black Brief to work with me the past few weeks, but I mostly leave it in my office. Today I took it with me on rounds (I work in a hospital) as I was going to have a very short day at work.
    Every time I stopped by a patient,I couldn't help but notice that her eyes would dart to my bag every few seconds. This happened with 3 different people. At first I thought it was cute and then it started to get annoying - I was trying to have a serious conversation with these folks and they weren't really paying much attention! I carry nice purses all the time, but this is the first time my purse has stolen the show, so to speak.

    Has this happened to any of you? Do share!
  2. Hip, what a lovely story...My Weekender actually turns a few heads, but no one has ever said anything. My regular Bbags don't seem to get much attention. Probably because no one knows what a Bbag is around here. The GH bags get noticed a lot more, for sure!
  3. Hip, was it a GGH or an RH? Of course if I was in a hospital I'd be staring too. It's better than looking at the IV or the blood tests!
  4. ^^ RH. I don't really like to wear too much bling to work. I can't get over the fact that my black RH brief got even more attention than my Sahara SGH Day (though I must say that turned a few heads as well).
  5. haha that's great!! i know patients would love to get their eyes off of anything in their room and stare at a gorgeous bbag instead!!
  6. oh that's awesome!
    & yes i usually get a few stares when i'm around the mall. I've had people come to me and ask if my bag is a balenciaga bag and as soon as i reply yes..they immediately reach over to touch it and I hate it when that happens because i'm so phobic of other people touching my bags..or anything really.

    i've also had people stare at me once when i was going out to dinner and we were waiting for our table...a couple was standing next to us and the women was whispering to her boyfriend that she wanted that bag and I of course noticed that she was talking about ( since there was no one else around ) and I told her the brand and she asked if she could try it on...i was super paranoid about it since i didn't know what she was going to do and right then the waiter said our table was ready and i left thankfully!

    but yes in general I do get alot of stares when i carry around my ink city...it's so nicely broken in and the leather is just really really nice now....it's my one 'go to bag'..hahaha!
  7. I think its nice, before now I've walked into a restaurant and whilst waiting for a waiter to show us to our table, random people have remarked on my RH Black City.

    Shows how special our bags really are tbh.
  8. When I got my Cornflower First last year, I wore it to work and my boss walked by and said..."New Bag? It's Sexy!!" LOL! And I work in a construction trailer with a bunch of men! :roflmfao:
  9. Great stories, thanks for sharing! I think it's pretty cool too - I actually have bag-stalking tendencies (though I've NEVER asked to touch someone's bag, particularly someone I don't know). Just today I saw someone with a Vert Fonce GGH Day and I was transfixed. I think she may have noticed:love:

    My lesson learned for the day though is - if I want to have a serious conversation with someone, hide the B bag:lol:
  10. That's awesome!:okay:
    See, I think my Bbags are pretty great, but no one else seems to ever notice them. On the one hand, it's great - because I don't like to be flashy. But on the other hand, every now and again it would be nice if someone commented.
  11. ^^ Slinks, if you ever walked into the room with your newly-acquired HG (or any of your beautiful black B-bags for that matter) I would DEFINITELY notice:yes:
  12. Awwww, thanks! :heart: My HG classique has already had a moment of fame when we were spotted by PFer erica in NYC.
    I just wonder - does one have to be Balenciaga-obsessed to appreciate the looks of these bags? Are they invisible to everyone else???
  13. ^^ For the most part, people who've noticed my bags aren't really into designer bags or Bal. I guess they are really just pretty:smile:
  14. It's so true! I took my EB for a spin at the mall, specifically H&M, and I kept seeing so many of the girls in there doing a double take...maybe it was just the bright color of the bag but I also had a few blue tops in my arms that were the same color so it may have looked funny carrying a bright blue bag with bright blue clothes?? Anyway, it was fun!! LOL!!
  15. Gd thread! I was just pondering about this attention-to-bbag issue in the day. I was wondering if it only takes someone who knows about balenciaga or fashion to recognise a bbag or that it's a designer item. I mean, it would be a waste if you're completely ignorant when someone sitting next to you in the train is carrying a bbag, isn't it?

    Lol, speaking of which, today when i gladly took my magenta SGH city out, it did turned a few heads.. but ppl in school generally don't notice it as much as I hope they do :shrugs: