I didn't like LV...But now...

  1. Hi:nuts:
    I didn't have any feeling to LV before, but recently I fell in love with it.
    I guess because I am a fan of Marc Jacobs all the time and since he used his signature push-lock closures on LV's bag and wallet, I couldn't resist LV any more. Plus I saw you guys LV collection that really brought LV to another level. So my question is "Did anyone fall in love with LV suddenly just like me and what was the reason?"
  2. I fell in love with the Multicolore line and the rest is history! : )
  3. I just recently fell in love with some of the bags.;) The monograms didn't appeal to me before, but I ended up looking more closely when I bought my dh an Epi wallet. Needless to say, I succumbed. lol. I think they're very well made and good-looking.
  4. I would have to say that the first time my interest was peaked in LV was with the whole Jessica Simpson/Newlyweds thing...

    now I am obsessed!! :smile:
  5. :yes: i must say that with lv- it was really not love at first sight but more like an attraction that grew deeper with each visit to the store (or websites, as the case may be). i used to be one of those who thought that the mono (or anything lv for that matter) was too "showy" and "in your face." but i must say, i am now completely into it. i still like the other brands. but lv seems to be a really good classic brand that will never go out of style. love it!!!!!:yahoo: my first lv is a mono speedy 30. i am now contemplating what my next purchase (or gift from dh) would be.
  6. I just recently fell in love with LV--about two weeks ago when I bought my first bag! My DH told me he would get me an LV so I went to pick it out and loved them all! I picked the BH and already have three others (bought a Speedy 30 today). I must take a break now though before my DH locks me up in an institution, LOL.

    It is funny you mention Marc Jacobs because last year I was obsessed with his Stella bag but never could justify the price tag. I only just found out he was creative director for LV but that explains why I love LV so much now. Marc Jacobs is awesome!
  7. I bought my first one in recognition of moving ahead in my career...I was only going to buy one. Now six months later I have six bags plus accessories and I want more. It's an addiction!
  8. LOL - yeah, the addiction sorta got to me slowly...I started buying some years back but was never that crazy abt LV till this yr when I started researching for my shopping list for my husband when he went to Italy. Then I chanced upon this lovely community...and the rest, like they say, is history......

    Oh, and welcome! U'll love it here!
  9. I loved the mandarin epi. That is what hooked me. I also fell in love with my mono speedy 30.
  10. Growing up in a area full of LV, I have always known about LV and even while I was at boarding school I was bombarded by LV.
  11. I always thought LV was ugly, then I got one just to try it out and fell in love with the quality... then I spotted the Multicolore line and I was hooked.
  12. I just recently got into LV too. I'm comtemplating my first LV purchase, which should happen within the next 2 wks or so. I thought that LV was ok at first, but didnt really understand what all the hype was about. But the more I look at them and learn, the more my love has grown. Looking at the tpfers collections makes me real jealous too!
  13. I used to laugh at people who carry LV because LV is for "OLD LADY" and all the cheap fakes. But this year, someone turned on my LV switch and bang! 17 bags in a roll since March.
  14. I only got interested recently as well (within this year). I never understood why my mom was so fascinated with this brand, and I dissed it along with my former friend. I think I got motivated to buy one after my trip to China (seeing how trendy they were, I couldn't help it) and after I parted ways with my friend (whom I found pathological and self-righteous). Best decision I ever made! I love this brand!
  15. It was definately the MC line for me. Funny thing is I still like it but now I am just not that into it!?! :shrugs: