I didn't know they made this...I need it!!!!!

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  1. I was checking out the updates on vuiton.com and this beauty caught my eye I do like my LV scarfs and bandeaus even though I hardly wear them LOL

    anyway check this baby out

    Cruise Croisette Bandana!!!!!!!
    Croisette bandana.jpg
  2. i wonder if they'll be making this in a bandeau..
  3. haha rebecca you beat me to it.. i was going to post the Cruise Croisette scarf.. you are fast hehe
  4. ^^^that would be nice! and in the pink too!
  5. buy! buy! buy! :graucho:

    i like the belt frame. kinda reminds me of Mahina too.
  6. Very nice- the tonal effect is lovely.
  7. Pretty!!
  8. sadly it's not showing a pink option
  9. fab!!
  10. Very pretty!
  11. wat a beautyy.. im looking at purchasing a bandeau i wish they had this bandeau!!
  12. i like it,, its really elegant, yet casual!
  13. I LOVE IT! Get it get it get it...or have you already gotten it? I'm really loving everything Cruise!
  14. Very nice! a bandeau version would rock!
  15. website says blue only! wonder if it is true...