I didnt know there was a small ergo....???

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  1. I went to a bachelorette party last month and while in the limo, i grabbed another girl's bag, so I wouldnt sit on it.. and sure enough, it was a turquoise or teal small ergo!

    and i was shocked!!! I havent seen a smaller one before....

    can anyone help with style numbers? and what other colors? anything? I've seen a few on ebay... but what other colors were there.....??

  2. Was it a tote or a hobo?
  3. it was a hobo ;)
  4. yeah the small ergo hobo has no pocket on the front ive seen it in camel, black, and white leather also on ebay. it also comes in signature -black, khaki/mahogany, and chocolate (dark brown).
  5. oh and search ebay for "small ergo hobo" they have almost all the colors it comes in.
  6. ok...

    i guess i was hoping for some more fun colors.. like the turquoise or even green or pink would have been awesome...

    but thanks for the info!!!
  7. I think the only fun color those came in was the turquoise. :yes: The rest were neutrals.
  8. i think it came in the turquoise as well but i dont see any on ebay right now but just keep checking and im sure one will come up. they also came out with a small scarf print ergo hobo last year.
  9. Yup, here's my small Ergo hobo, alongside my medium Ergo tote, both in turquoise (the small hobo doesn't have a front pocket):


  10. Cute Cute CUTE!!!
  11. I have the small hobo also and I LOVE it. I probably carry it more than any other bag I have. (and I usually can't resist BIG bags)

    It fits waaaay more than I thought it would when I bought it.

    style number is M0693-10739
  12. :yes:I totally agree. I bought mine because I got a great deal and couldn't resist it, and I carry it so often. It fits way more than you would think! I love that bag.
  13. I like smaller bags (when I first got my pouch I was like "whoa! this is huge!" I was used to having no bag.. same with my D&B barrel bag) so I thought the medium hobo was absolutely humongous. I was having a hard time commiting to the size of that over the small because I think the small can hold a lot! I just couldn't justify having another small bag. I think they're cute though and a nice size. :smile:
  14. thanks! I dont know how i missed that one.. I need to learn how to expand my searching.. I've just been searching on ergo, and i tend to forget that alot of people selling thier bags on ebay really dont know thier names... unlike us, lol...

    but thanks for showing me that! I clicked on it within 6 minutes of it ending.. I just cant but it now.. i really do like it tho!!!