I didn't know kids played dress up with coach!

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  1. #1 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    I work at a day care and look what I found! In home living woo-hoo!
    I was looking and i thought- looks like coach and sure enough it was! Lol So i stole it (well sort of) in hopes that some one would k now something about it and if you think coach will repair it.....I looked on ebay but since i didn't have the serial number at the time i couldn't really find it, but i'm going to try again in a minute....
    Here is the creed
    "this is a coach bag, it is made out of a completely natural glove tanned cowhide.The scars, scratches,veins and wrinkles are natural markings characteric of full grain leather.
    made in the united states
    No: 1165-246

    Anyone have any clue? the leather is remarkable! like thick and awesome, though very abused...guess you can't use moisturizer huh? well it looks like it had a strap but it isn't on it and the turnlock is broken...
    Hopefully the pics will work well!
    Well fruck a duck! so I had to make a slide show.... sorry it is not fast or irritating :smile:

  2. okay well there is one on ebay which is not helpfull.....any one know anyhing about it?
    name? msrp? age? would coach know? like if i call them?
    and do you guys think they can repair it?
  3. #5 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    I'm pretty sure it is a "Court Bag". It is pre-style number which makes that one from the late 1980's to 1993. (Court Bag is style 9870 since 1994)

    Coach may still have a replacement strap for the bag, but I think the straps are quite expensive. (The last time I called, the strap for a tiny little vintage bag was $35).

    You can call the 800 number and ask if they still carry replacement straps for the Court Bag.

  4. Uhmmm it looks alot like it but the serial number is not the same... this one is 1165-246
    and those were 1162-334 and the one on the website i can't tell....It looks like it but this one is sort of beat up and missing the strap so it is hard to tell! Thank you though!
  5. Oh thank you guys! it does appear to be this bag, well i'd probabley never use it, but i think i'm going to look into getting the turnlock fixed! Do I just send it in or what?
  6. I *think* for the older ones without the lining they will send you a replacement and you can put it on.

  7. The "numbers" before 1994 mean NOTHING. They are random serial numbers and are not related to the style numbers that exist today.

    The Court Bag now has the STYLE NUMBER 9870 and that number is only pertinent to the bags "since" 1994.

    Your bag is authentic, but I'm not sure if Coach stores will replace the turnlocks - but I would call and ask the question. If they say YES I would just take it in and let them do the repair. (I have replaced the turnlocks myself and it's NO big deal).

  8. I remember a post from a lady who bought a Legacy bag with broken turnlocks from ebay.She sent it to Coach and they replaced them.

    For the leather Im sure you could look at the leather websites online and find stuff to repair it. I have seen dyes and conditioners for this purpose.
  9. wow, full grain leather, lol, glad you snatched it out of their hands. they could play with something else in the mean time!
  10. Interesting find, but did you really just take a Coach bag from daycare, and now your going to send it in for repair and use it? I guess it'd be cool if they could "restore" it and you can have a vintage bag, but I hope you at least asked if you could take the bag. Seems a little sneaky. I work in a daycare and have donated a lot of my old items to the housekeeping play area, but I would be a little irked if I saw my co-worker wearing one of my old purses. So hopefully you asked already, and in that case, i hope Coach is able to send you the parts so you can "restore" and enjoy the bag.
  11. My thoughts exactly.:yes: