I didn't have a party. I decided to buy bags instead!

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  1. Ok so I turned 30 in August and I really didn't feel up to celebrating. A big part is probably because I haven't lost a pound since having my baby almost 2 years ago. So instead of hitting the gym, I hit the net and found tPF. I'm not really sure if you guys are a blessing :angel: or a curse :devil: I feel like coming here enables my very bad habit of emptying my wallet :nono:

    I have oogled everyone's collection, reveal, etc with such amazement. The women here definitely know their stuff. I'm so glad to be part of such a wonderful bunch....beautiful women and beautiful bags all in all.....:tpfrox:

    Here's my humble collection...hope you all enjoy.
  2. welcome! can't wait to see your collection.... i'm sure it will be a treat!
  3. Thanks thithi....ummmm....how in the world do I upload pics?? Help! lol...yet another one of my blonde moments.
  4. Hey Christine, happy 30th!! Buying some bags is a great way to celebrate.

    There are 2 ways to upload pics:
    1. Make sure you go to the 'Advanced' posting option (not just the quick reply). Scroll down and there is a 'Manage Attachments' button, click it and follow the instructions to upload.
    2. Upload your pics to a site like Photobucket. Then in Photobucket, each pic has a link, copy the one that is 'IMG code' into your reply on here and the photos will display. You can test your post by clicking 'Preview Post'

  5. yay welcome! can't wait to see
  6. I'm excited to see them also!!!
  7. I am waiting anxiously ;)
  8. Hey Christine! Happy Birthday! I cant wait to see the collection!
  9. Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to the pics.
  10. Ok sorry girls...I fell asleep last night. Here we go...

  11. Thanks LilahBelle for schooling me...for some reason when I try to upload from my computer it always give me the "failed" message...
  12. I'm sure this is a dead giveaway

  13. [​IMG]
  14. I'm not too sure what the color is called but I saw it and immediately fell in love. Here are the tags..it's from Spring 2007 maybe someone can tell me what the color is called.

  15. Up next: my Hudsons