I didn't get tags..

  1. I just realized I didn't get the tags in the inner pocket of my BH like I did with my speedy....I got it from the boutique.
  2. hmm that's weird....did you check the dustbag and box? If it really bothers you, you should go back and ask for them.
  3. I've experienced both getting tags and not getting tags. I think it depends on the SA and the boutique. Personally I don't care, since I just throw them away as soon as I unpack the item, but if it bothers you, then go to the boutique and ask for them. :smile:
  4. Both tags are missing? Bummer.
  5. I has happened to me on occasion too.
  6. Yeah that does happen sometime.
  7. I totally don't care about the tags, just wanted to make sure it wasn't too odd...
  8. Yah, I sometimes didn't get the tag with my LV.
  9. Yup, I agree with ya (but I don't throw them out:p )!

    I find that at my boutique in Montreal, I always get the 2 tags (and/or the booklet if it's MC, Vernis or LE...etc), otherwise if it's a charge send or transfer from Toronto or Banff, I don't get the barcode tag
  10. I didn't get the price tag on my Ribera MM last week. SA forgot to put receipt in bag so I had to go back for it (lucky I noticed before I left). Did not notice price tag until I got home.
  11. Sometime I don't get the tag, I know one time I got the wrong tag..but oh well
  12. Not that unusual - just depends on the SA. Like the others said, if it bothers you, go back and ask for them.
  13. LV South Coast is famous for not giving tags. I have to ask for them before they throw them out. One time I made them go thru their trash by the register to give me my tags. I was home and called them and was told "oh we throw them away". I drove back and got my tags.
  14. yeah I don't think it's that unusual. I don't recall getting any for my BH either (bought from the boutique) doesn't really bother me though. But most of the time I don't get the right booklet. Like one time I got a groom booklet with my azur cles or something like that.
  15. So what is the rationale behind not giving the tags? Seems odd to me. Wish I was watching out for it...