i didnt get carly

  1. well I appreciate my black studded tote a lot more now lol. i was going to bring her back but i tried on the carly and it just didnt work for me, it wasnt that big and it looked weird on me..just wasnt feeling it :sad:

    and i think i should apply to work at coach haha the lady looked at me dumb founded when i asked if there were new colors of the carly coming out, she said no just the beet and the black i was like um no.. LOL! idiot, i swear i know more about coach then the damn SA! LOL

    thanks girls

    xoxo :heart: ill hafta post pics of me and studded boo boo later haha
  2. Yup, Be thankful, I think the black studded tote is more gorgeous than the ubiquitious carly! I hope you get hired for coach! lolz!
  3. Thanks girl, Yah walking into macys i seen legit 5 girls with the carlys on! Its insane!
  4. That happened with me! This is my story... I went to the store to buy my birthday present (with my husband) and he bought me the Ergo hobo. They don't had any available so I received in the mail three days later. When it arrived I returned because the leather was scratched and I exchanged for another Ergo but this time belted. When I came back to the house I was looking the bag and it was too small... so I went to returned -yes, it sounds crazy- and I decided I want a Signature Tote... but they don't had any so the gave me a store credit for I can buy it in their website (I had the options of order one there and receive it in the mail but I asked for the credit better)... So I FOUND THIS FORUM!!!!!! And I decided I like the Carly........
    To be honest I am sure I maybe saw it but I ignored it because I don't like all that hardware in the handle + it was more expensive than the hobo, like $130.00 more.
    But the true is that after read all the reviews and the Carly madness I was crazy for one too and I went to Dillard's to see one and try it on me before order it the website and it look weird. I don't know. Just imagine me, I always wear jeans, tees and sneakers and that bag was looking like too much on me. I like it because it is big and I want it for keep diapers, bottles, etc. So I was ready to order the Signature tote and suddenly I changed my mind and I order the Hamptons Large Carryall and it don't arrive yet but I am so curious to see how it is... if for some reason I don't like it maybe I will think again about the Carly...
    The only thing that I don't like of the Carly is that I read that is a lot of fake like that everywhere. The last day I saw a ladi in the market with one and I don't know but I am still thinking it was fake... :yes:
  5. when i went to the pleasanton, ca coach store there were at least 6 SA people there and they were all in a circle chatting. one said hi and thats about it! i say lower the coach prices and hire some of the flocking SA!
  6. So are you saying that the studded tote doesn't fall off as much? Or isn't as annoying to you now>? What changed? I am curious cause I wanted the gold tote and when I tried it on the straps were stiff and fell off a lot.
  7. Well the strapes are defintly not as stiff as they were, i think because i wore it all day yesterday and today ..
  8. I was thinking about getting a studded tote but the straps worried me too. The patent leather is very stiff. I'm sure after use it will loosen up, but it's very stiff. Now that I think about it, the whole bag is stiff. Maybe I am just used to my sig stripe tote that is very "flimsy" so to speak.
  9. well ya isn't it fun when you know more than sa's do...