i didnt get a call for the miroir

  1. what does that mean? should i just go to the store, or still wait for a call?
    (ive never been on a waitlist before!)
  2. I would definitely call...I was called today at like 11:45 ish???
  3. This may not be the same at every store, but I was on the waitlist for the azur speedy. I, too, did not get a call the day it came out. My husband went to lv to pick up a box for my damier speedy and saw the azur. They sold him one not knowing he was my husband. Then 2 days later I got a call from lv saying the bag was in if I wanted it. :shrugs: So, I dunno. I think if you are in close contact with your SA, then I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure they will keep one for you. But, if it's convenient to go down there, then I would. You never know.
  4. i called today, and they said that i shouldnt go down there, and i should just wait for them to call me.
  5. Fingers crossed for you!
  6. thanks :biggrin: ^^^^
    i hope i get lucky...
  7. I would've been more stubborn than that and just gone down there demanding the bag and claiming that you're the neice of some famous person, :lol:

    Worked for me already once or twice although tonight was sans drama when I got my Miroir Gold :yes:

  8. Good luck....hope you will get a call soon.
  9. I'd call them.
  10. May be the shop that you put your name down still haven't received the bag.

    I called Saks today and ask about my Speedy, the SA said that it's not in store yet.

    So, just wait for a few day (for them to call), or if there's a LV store nearby, just go visit..

    ((there's no LV store near my place, so I put my name down almost 10 LV stores...which I finally got one!!!))

    fingers crossed for you..

  11. i didn't get the call neither,maybe we can hug each other and cry
  12. I hope you get one.
  13. good luck! If I were you I'd just go down there...and tell them you just want to take a quick peek...
  14. I called today as well...once at 10am and again at 6pm...they received a shipment today but no speedys. I went ahead and gave them my cerdit card and shipping info. I guess they will call when it gets there. SOON!!!!
  15. Good luck to all those still waiting......:balloon: