I didn't feel the love......

  1. .....when I got it home.

    I bought this lovely cashmere/silk scarf in the Men's department at the Alaska store last week and I swear I loved it then but I didn't love it when I got it home. I don't know what happened! It looked good in the store.....my SA liked it, my good friend GF liked it, my cousin the Shag-Carpet-Loving Interior Decorator even liked it (well, probably because it's a MEN'S scarf!).

    I tried it on at home and no-one liked it.......not even me. :shrugs:
  2. And I don't think Muffin liked it either because today I found THIS.......
  3. Sure looks beautiful.....
  4. then send it back. that's what the mail is for. we all know there are plenty more out there that will catch your fancy. I think this looks more like a dressage queen scarf. those don't look like martini drinking horses.
  5. ....and Muffin was looking a little EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!
  6. now that second one I would steal from you if you were passed out in the alley. I love it. nice work muffin.
  7. ooooh I love both!!! :heart: And Muffin is so cute!
  8. SM, that happens to me too. I think it's the stuff H put in their ventilation system..

    I have a rule that if a scarf does not come out of its box for 2 months, it goes back. Quite a few have.
  9. d, you share martinis with that cat, don't you?

    and i agree with loren -- that DOES look like a DQ scarf! do you still have my address? :p
  10. LMAO, DQ!!!!! She DOES look a little pie-eyed................
  11. SM: I love this one .. what is the name of the scarf? :heart: oh.. I :love: muffin too :heart: :heart: I think Muffin can make good friends with Hershey... (the choco seal point)

  12. The second one is much more Muffin...errr...you, hehe
    Just GORGEOUS!
  13. Princessfrog I think the name of the second one is "Jardin Turquomen" or something like that? I'll have to go find the tag to make sure....
  14. OMG! D - that scarf looked SO fabulous on you!!

    I adore the second one - I've been after that one for ages, since I saw it in QM's collection in green....yum!

    I agree, if you're not feeling the love, let it go.....but I DO think it suited you so well.
  15. shopmom,, If you don't love it Return it and get something you love. Is it past the 10 day mark?