i didn't expect to love this style...

  1. BUT I DO!! The day has totally stolen my heart. I tried it on at Nordstroms & it was PERFECT! The white one was sooooo nice, but I'm too nervous about wearing a white bag. I loved wear the bag hit on my body. It wasn't too long or too short. It was so comfortable to have on my shoulder too :graucho::roflmfao:

    :love::heart::yahoo: Love the day. Must get a day!!! :wlae:
  2. Welcome to the Day/Hobo club bijou!! :nuts::yahoo: I just got my rouge Day and I love it!! :love::wlae:
  3. Yeeaahhhhhhh . . . Welcome bijou - to the Day/Hobo-club :yahoo: :yahoo: - I've 4 Hobo's and I LOVE them ALL :love: :heart:
  4. I SAW THAT BEAUTY!! sooooo jealous over here :throwup: haha

    i looove the day in that color. i asked about it and she said she didnt see any new shipments of Days coming in :crybaby:
  5. welcome to hobo/day club!!! i adore my ink hobo!!!
  6. Woohoo, the day is the best. I love my grey one (which I haven't told anyone about).
  7. i love the day...roomy and slouchy :smile:
  8. Me too! Initially I thought the Day looks so slouchy & sloppy.... but after I tried it on... WOW:nuts: Amazing! It's been my favourite since! Btw, mine's a Grenat Day! Welcome to the Day club!!:drinkup:
  9. the best b-bag around, very cool!!!
  10. i love that the "day" bag is slouchier than the city or work.
    it's great for more casual look!
    get the white if you like it! at least it's easier to cleaned than a suede material!
  11. I tried on a day/hobo last week and I think I'm in love!! :heart: That has to be my next B-bag purchase. :yes:
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Yay!! Finally the day is catching on!! I have 3 --black, brown and camel (I did end up selling my navy though :crybaby: )and just love the style. I have noticed that the day seems to be the style that has the lowest resale value. On e-bay, they seem to sell at a much reduced price compared to the city and first. Wonder why that is:shrugs:
  13. i think the resale value is lower because not many people know this style, other people who knows balenciaga because it's "in" only looks for the city, work or first which is seen more in celebrities
  14. You know, I was just about to start a thread about this very thing! I was never a big Day person (had tried them on before but it never clicked) until I tried on a Caramel (Camel?) the other day at NM. I fell in LOVE!!!! I think the combo of the neutral earthy color paired with the slouchy styling really did it for me. So, now I'm on the lookout on eBay for a neutral colored Hobo. Don't tell DH!!!!!

    So far I own 2 third-hand B-Bags from fellow PFers, have been very happy with them, and will probably never buy anything brand-new ever. (ok, well, except for something in Blue India!)
  15. Yay - Day lovers!! I adore my Rouille Day - I've been completely neglecting my Apple City for it. I just love the Day style - its so comfortable and easy to carry.