I did this twice and I will do it again this time

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  1. Thought I can share this with you girls :P
    I did this with my elder daughter and did it again with my second, and I am planning to do this again with this pregnancy too ;)
    I am currently 12 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, and I just came back from the mall with a bag full of SKINNY jeans and DENIM Leggings!!!
    this is my own very strategy that I boughts clothes (that fit me on my prepregnant body) during pregnancy and it helps me to have goal to get back into shape within weeks after childbirth!!!!! for those who have doubt getting back to shape might want to try this?????
  2. When I was 5-6 months pregnant and feeling like a whale, I went to the mall and bought 1 pair of expensive jeans in my pre-pregnancy size, a 24. I hung them in my closet and told myself that after this baby comes (my first and only child), I will fit into these jeans. I figured that even though they were $$$, it was just 1 pair, and if I didn't fit into them 6 months after having my baby, that I could give them away to my mom or sisters.

    Well, after I had him, it took 4 months and a few disheartening "try ons", but I can now fit them! and my husband even comments about how much they look good on and he rarely notices my clothes :smile:

    so I'm completely with you on this dyyong, using jeans as motivation worked for me! :nuts:
  3. :ghi5: you go jilly
  4. What did you guys do to lose the weight? DD is 7 weeks old and i'm still struggling with love handles and a belly. I was pretty thin before pregnancy (5'4" 110 lbs) and now I'm 117. Even though I'm only 7lbs over my original weight, it makes a big difference in clothing size on my frame. I go back to work in a few weeks and I'm hoping that I can fit my old clothes. Any advice?
  5. hi keywi100; CONGRATUALATIONS!!!!
    for me, i lost appetite for the first few weeks, and after that I watch my diet, and my key that I get back to pre-pregnant shape (even thinner) was walked an hour on treadmill while DD took her nap!!!! the first 3 months are easiest to get back to shape, exercise, running, jogging or just walk (make sure you sweat) will work as magic, btw, if you can, wear thick clothes that will make you sweat more (make sure you are not over heated and drink plenty of water after sweating)!! good luck ;)
  6. Thanks. I just started to work out on the elliptical a few days ago after I had my 6 week post preg. check up. The weather has been horrible on the east coast so I haven't been able to go out for walks. I'm going to step up my work out. I have 5 more weeks to tone up. :boxing:
  7. Everybody's different! Try not to put so much emphasis on the weight and it will eventually fall off. I did not lose all my pregnancy weight until 8 or 9 months after having my son, which I think is very average amongst post partum women. The first few months I concentrated on eating healthy as breastfeeding and bonding were top priorities in my book, not trying to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I did work out (as I have all my life) but I didn't stress about it. Weight lost that quickly is not the healthiest way to lose after a pregnancy!
  8. Also if you are breastfeeding that is a great way of getting back into shape!!!
  9. This may not work for everyone because sometimes the pelvis actually widens and can stay that way. I lost all of the weight pretty easily with two kids only 15 1/2 months apart, but I noticed that my old pants didn't fit right because my hips moved a little farther apart. In my case, I wouldn't have wanted to spend money on pants that wouldn't fit even though the baby weight was all gone. Kind of like buying shoes and then having the size of your feet permanently change after pregnancy.
  10. For me, breastfeeding definitely helped the weight come off. Before pregnancy, I drank lots of soda, ate lots of junk food, etc. Now, I drink water 95% of the time, and although I still like my snacks, I limit myself. My hips are wider than they were before, and my butt is bigger, but it just makes my jeans look better on, since my shape was more on the boyish side before :smile:
  11. This is absolutely true for many people. A person's body may just not be the same after a pregnancy. That doesn't mean that a person cannot be as thin or thinner or even in better shape after a pregnancy, but the proportions of one's body may permanently change. I preferred to lose the weight and THEN shop for clothes that fit and flattered my shape instead of buying the clothes beforehand and hoping they fit.
  12. I do agree everybody's different, however I found a lot of lady who have no "goal" and keep on telling themself, "tomorrow", "next week", "next month" and eventually never do it or by the time they realized it's little too late whereby they gain more weight coz thinking of breastfeeding and they need to eat more, which by the way is really true.
    Stay on a "healthy" and "nutrients" diet, keep on taking prenatal vitamin, especially for those who are breastfeeding, doing exercise will "help" you get back to "better shape" and stay "young" ;)
    but again, everybody's different ;)
  13. Exactly. I was in fact the same weight not long after the births of my two, but my body was just different in some ways. Honestly, I don't think that it's healthy to buy clothes that you hope to fit into. It puts to much pressure on a new mom, who is someone who is already dealing with a lot anyways. It's like setting you up for certain disaster if the plan doesn't work out the way it's supposed to and the clothes don't fit.
  14. u ladies are lucky! My baby is 5 months and i still have a ways to go..about 35-40lbs!
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    You really shouldn't push to lose the baby weight too quickly. It takes nine months to put it on and it realistically should take nine months to take it off. Obviously everybody is different. What is important is staying healthy so you can take care of your new precious bundle!

    I didn't need new clothes to set as my goal. I knew I'd fit into my pre pregnancy clothes eventually. I had my last baby in Feb of 09 and I was back to my original weight by September. So it took me 8 months and I have a really fast metabolism.

    If you're breastfeeding, you need to eat a good amount of calories to make milk for the baby. So don't cut back on food to lose weight. The baby needs to come first. Your body will naturally drop the excess weight. Limiting calories is not a good idea when breastfeeding.

    I'm not talking specifically to anybody. My "you" is general.