I did something very ignorant, and it worked!

  1. i dont have any before and after pics, but i recently got a scuff on the white cc of my chanel cambon tote. i was so devastated, i tried moist towels, trying to rub it off, sending it to the handbag cleaner (that just made it worse).

    earlier today, i saw some clorox soft scrub with bleach on the kitchen counter. i immediately thought of my bag, and put some on a cloth. then i watered it down so almost ALL of it was gone. there was only a teensy bit in the towel. i rubbed it on my tote, and the mark went away!
    i told my mom, and she was SO mad at me for trying something so stupid (which i then realized how dumb i was)
    ...but it WORKED!

    I let it sit in my window for an hour or two, and there is no trace of anything now!

    i dont really reccomend this method to anybody...ever, but i am just sharing a little miracle story.
  2. Wow, good for you. I got a scuff on my cambon wallet 2. I was scared to do anything on my own, so sent it to the boutique. Almost one month passed, poor me, still waiting for their call to pick it up.
  3. I used acetone polish remover to remove an ink spot on white leather once. It worked great, but you have to be really careful. I used a tiny bit on a q-tip and barely rubbed. Disappeared.
  4. wow ur brave girl..haha
  5. I just use my baby's wipes and the mark is always gone, it's a good idea but I would be too scared to try it.
  6. Wooo Girl, you've got Cojones!!! Glad the mark came out :flowers:
  7. I think it was a good idea. I do start with baby wipes, but if the mark was annoying you did a good thing.
  8. oh sweetie...that was really risky, :sweatdrop: but glad it worked....:yes:
  9. Glad it worked, wow, that was brave. Another thing that also works are those Mr. Clean sponges.
  10. Great tips. Thanks so much for sharing. These type things are always a hold your breath kind of ordeal and the simultaneous thought: I hope I don't muck it up even worse.
  11. Thanks! I'll keep that one in mind!
  12. i did end up making it worse after wetting it, sending it to the bag cleaners, it was so bad that i wouldnt have cared if it was damaged more. but lucky me, it worked REALLY well!
  13. good for you for thinking out of the box. Quite the nail biter story but glad it worked out! I was on pins and needles! :sweatdrop:
  14. I'm so happy it worked for you!!!
  15. omg thats VERY brave of you..:yes::yes: i has scuffings on my CC Cambon wallet too.. but i never tried anything.. too chicken to try lol :shame: