I did something stupid today!

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  1. i just came form my local lv store and bought a monogram key and change holder but now i want the one with the groom :crybaby: im so mad at my self :cursing: ugh am i the only one that regrets not getting the more expensive one?
    i got the regular can vas because it was cheeaper and and it doesn't hide the lv logo and because i used to have one and lost it and because of the wear im used to getting on them and i didn't get the groom because i got afraid it would get dirty and its more expensive but now i want it :sad: :crybaby: i don't know what to do should i keep the regular canvas or should i get the yellow groom?

  2. I would return the Monogram Canvas Cles and get the Groom Cles. :yes:

    I regret buying my Pocket Agenda... I now want a Porte Valeurs or a Yen Holder since both can actually hold bills.
  3. Go get the groom! I have it and I love it!
  4. if you can afford the one you really want..I say go back and exchange it. After all...thats what buying Louie is all about...bringing you joy and happiness...;)
  5. I'm sorry I was looking at your avatar. :girlsigh:

    what was the question???:lol:
  6. ^ LOL..

    I think you should exchange it to Groom..you will kick yourself someday for not getting one..
  7. i love you guys, first thing tomorow morning im getting the groom!!!:wlae: :yahoo: :happydance:
    p.s. thats not me in my avatar its a dior homme model i wish i looked like that though!

    and my SA said my Mage will be in my hands by the end of the month!!!:drool: :drool: :drool:

  8. get what you love... thats what buying expensive things are all about!
  9. I knew that was a Dior Homme model!!! :P
  10. Get the Groom - it is so much more fun!
  11. Absolutely get what you Want! you will regret not getting it later......enjoy your new groom!:yes:
  12. I'm voting the Groom too! Get what you love....besides you can always get the regular mono canvas one....:yes:
  13. Groom!!
  14. The groom will chip and scratch, just so you know, it's not gonna wear like the regular mono, but it's really cute and limited.... it's a totally different deal than the mono; I have the ronde, but don't use it for everyday...
  15. Get what you want.....:yes:
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