I did something aweful to my Louis bag ... Help!

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  1. hi guys, i'm new to this and I need anyone's help ...

    I got a Speedy 30 for myself as a Christmas present and I used it a couple of times, but once school started I kinda forgot about it, since I used a tote bag for carrying around my laptop and smaller bags to go out ...

    anyways ... my louis bag wound up at the bottom of my closet with stuff on top of it, causing the bag to get a crease in the middle of it ... i know ... sad :sad:... i'm usually not this bad with my things...

    I currently have a small box inside of it and 4 textbooks resting on top of it, but it is not helping at all :sad:

    Would heating it help? Creasing it the other way? Should I just bring it to the louis store and have them help me?

    Thanks to anyone that is willing to help me.
  2. The Speedies typically ship flat and they come with a crease (although a light crease, just from being gently folded) that just works out with time and use.

    Nooo..I would NOT use any type of heat on it- just load it up and USE it! Give it some LV love!

    Honestly, I can't imagine what LV would be able to do for it. It is a crease in coated canvas fabric, a bend.

    I think the crease will lessen with time and use. So take that bag everywhere and it will work itself out. The beauty of the Speedy is what a workhorse it is!

    And.. welcome to the Purse Forum!
  3. Try stuffing it with t-shirts to work the crease out. I have also heard of some people taking their bag outside on a warm, sunny day, so that the canvas warms up, but don't trying heating the bag with anything. You might damage it.
  4. Stuff it full of T shirts and let it sit for a week or so. I do this will all my new speedy bags to get the creases out.
  5. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  6. That's what I do with my speedy too! I store it flat though, but before I was about to use it I will take it out and stuff it for a week to get rid of the creases.

    Don't worry - its no big deal - this is not a major problem and it is easily fixable! Make sure you don't put any heat on it though! That would not be fixable!:P

    At least you are not this other girl who I saw posted a thread about how she cleaned her Cheries Speedy using baby wipes - I can't help but to wonder what she did to the handles to get them that dirty in the first place! And to say that that was her dream bag..
  7. ^ Don't pass judgement on someone because their bag got dirty. You can absolutely adore a bag and still have things happen to it. Not everyone is a purse cleaning savant. Sometimes we make mistakes. It's not like she was deliberately abusing the bag or something. Yeesh.
  8. If you're talking about the thread I am recalling, I believe she bought that bag second hand. The handles were like that when she got it from being carried a lot by the previous owner. Vachetta eventually gets dark and the parts that come in contact with the oils of the hands will get darker. No biggie. You can always get your vachetta replaced if you like it light.
  9. Sounds like a good idea.

  10. Really? I've never bought anything LV but am in love with the shape of the Speedy, so I have a feeling someday I will succumb to it's gravity and get it in one incarnation or another. I like the look of the lighter handles so would want to keep them that way. Do you just bring it in to LV and pay them and they do it?
  11. I would stuuf the bag with t-shirts.. the creases will come out in a few days.. or you can stuff it and leave it in you car in the heat for a few hours..
  12. Well - I didn't mean it in a negative way really - I just wanted to know how it got so dirty so I know what not to do...

    I guess it was hard to put it in words properly without having other people thinking I had other intensions...
  13. You just take it into the LV store. They'll let you know how much it costs and how long it'll take. They send it out to one of their factories. The work is done there and then it's sent back to the LV store where you can pick it up looking all nice and new.
  14. Since the Speedys are made of coated canvas, baby wipes are fine for cleaning them.