I DID say I'd break my ban if I found a black Phoebe......

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  1. ...I just didn't expect to find one so soon!!!!!! :yahoo:

    It's all Jo's fault really. She told me of one available and I, of course, didn't waste any time getting pics and sealing the deal. Thanks Jo!

    My pics don't do the bag justice at all, but I can assure you all she's gorgeous!!!

    So I now have Phoebe triplets as well as Rosemary triplets. I can see a feud brewing.......

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  2. That really suits you KLP . Loving your boots btw !
  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh just lovely - your pics are making me want a phoebe so much! i especially love the darwin in black leather. well done.........now you must go on to complete another trio - which will it be next???
  4. Gorgeous KLP!!! What a great bag!!! And a Phoebe Hat Trick!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  5. Thanks Flossie. I just got those boots yesterday and I'm loving them too!
  6. Always one to enable, I can highly recommend you getting a Phoebe. :graucho: It's such a great style, hence my triplets!

    I don't think I'll duplicate another style at the moment. I love my Mabel and Somerset but don't think I'd use them in another colour.
  7. Are they the same colour as your mabel ?
  8. Thanks Mombug! I love this bag, the gold colour of the hardware really pops against the black leather.

    I didn't mean to buy two Phoebes in as many weeks, but fate happened! :tup:
  9. The boots are a bit darker than the pebble, but have that same brown/gray hue. They're so lovely, I saw them and thought 'ooohh, I have to have those!'.
  10. Beautiful KLP. They do say things come in threes!

    I think your Black Phoebe looks gorgeous.

    Can you do a photo of your 3 Phoebes together?
  11. Thanks Ali!

    Yes, I'll take a photo of my 3 Phoebes. I actually got all my bags out yesterday in anticipation of black Phoebe arriving today so that I'd be ready to take a new family pic as well as one of all the Phoebes, but it didn't happen. Miss M was up since 3.20am with teething troubles so I've only had like 4 hours sleep, and DH is away until Tuesday! So, off to bed now and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
  12. oooh that looks great :tup: And I love your boots too!
  13. Yay im loving the thought of the triplets! Lookign forward to pics. Youre looking lovely by the way and nice boots too! :yes:
  14. Klp that bag is soooo lovely, sorry to hear the little 'un is teething hope the 'peggies' are through soon so you can get some sleep! :hugs:
  15. :wtf: She's done it again!!! :faint:

    Now I've picked myself up off the floor, klp, I'm so excited for you, I know how much you've wanted a black Phoebe. What a fabulous trio. I agree that a picture of all three would be fab.

    Don't tell me your Phoebe's are your first love and your Rosemarys have taken a back seat?!! :crybaby: