I did not like 2010 colours IRL, am I the only one?

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  1. I went to Dubai yesterday to look for the new colours.
    Saw sorbet, tomate, outremer, papeete, castagne and cyclade.

    Leather in Sorbet was gorgeous.

    But to my personal disappointment, the colours did not appeal to me at all. I only saw with gsh and cgh, though. Looks like this season will be cheap for me, I will not buy any of them. I understand the allure of outremer for example if you are a blue person, because that was really nice blue, but I am not a blue person.

    Anyone with the same feeling?

    I will wait until I see the rose gold hardware, which I think will be really hard to match with my clothes.

    To my surprise I loved pompon on me and that is for sure my next purchase, black ggh one. I cannot believe it was really my bag, because earlier it did not feel like one. I will order that later from Paris of London.
  2. Oh well, I like a couple of them, but don't love them enough to want to impulse-buy. So todate, though I've toyed with the idea of grabbing one or two bags, I haven't.
  3. I saw sorbet in person and liked the leather on it also - love outremer and papette also - I think it is really my season for colors because I like bright jewel tones - not sure if I like all the 2010 leather though
  4. not a huge fan so far either of the colors....i'm hoping canard will be nice
  5. I have to agree... Sorbet is the only color that vaguely gets my attention!
  6. I'm with you, didn't really love any of the colors. I thought about the Papeete with GSH but didn't want it once I saw it. Oh well, looking fwd to fall now :biggrin:
  7. haven't found any color that I really like so far, but i think olive might be nice. Can't wait.
  8. The only 2010 color I have seen IRL is Papeete and I love it! I'm really curious about Olive and Moutarde, hope they will not disappoint. I will go to a Bal store next week and hopefully they'll have a lot of the new colors so I can get a better look.
  9. I do like the Outremer, but I think it's because I missed the boat on the Electric Blue & French Blue colors (but I agree *Aarponen* - I'm not really a "Blue" person either). The color that I really like is the Moutarde (Mustard). However, given that I live in a climate that doesn't really support light-colored bags, I'm going to have to REALLY love it in order to buy one.

    BTW ... talked to my S/A this past weekend re: 2010 F/W colors; they are even more boring ... same old, same old ... :tdown:!!!
  10. Outremer and Sang are just the colors I have been waiting for. Every season since 07, when I started with Bals, I have been waiting for the exact blue of outremer and the exact red of sang. I am happy for these two colors and the leather and saturation of my bags is just how I like it. Moutard is a color that is very interesting to me because I have read so many different opinions on what kind of yellow it is. Sorbet I would maybe love if I was 20 years younger. I think we always pick the one or two colors that floats our boat in each season and then wait again for the the next. That is the fun of Bals. "It is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get"
  11. I am seriously in :heart::heart::heart: LOVE :heart::heart::heart:with sorbet and outremer!!! Pink is my favorite color and this is the best pink I have seen, & outremer is such a stunner of a blue. :love:

    I wasn't sure about cyclade, but then I received a city that was stunning, turquoise-teal color, so saturated, beautious. If I had a decent camera, I would try to take pics.

    I have not seen papete, but it looks great in the pics here, and I think canard & moutarde are very intriguing. :biggrin:

    Also like sang, but I do think the color and leather varies. And also think the amount of distressing on outremer varies, some is very smooth, which can be good or bad depending on the person, but all outremers I've seen have beautiful saturation.
  12. I wasn't in love either. I did like Sang, but I am a red person. I want a Velo b/c I love the shape, but will probably get it in Anthra if I don't like the Sang.
  13. well, the only color i would go for is sang... need to add some red to my collection:biggrin:
  14. I agree with you too. The only colors that call my attention are Cyclade and Sahara (it's a very nice neutral and you can't go wrong). I am not into bright pinks at all or bright reds. Outremer doesn't interest me since I have an EB City and imo the color is very similar.

    Aarponen, what did u think of Cyclade IRL? Is it a crazy turquoise color?
  15. What are they like?