I Did not have beginner's luck....any advice on how to successfully sell?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I tried to sell a bag for the first time on ebay with no success. I had lots of people look at it (I believe the counter had like 100 on it) yet no bids. I guess alot of that is due to the fact that i have no seller history whatsoever. I'm not really into ebay but I really wanna sell this one bag because it's such a waste just sitting in my closet. Any advice on how I can ensure that I'm not a scammer despite my 0 feedback history?

    btw, I thought I also provided really good pictures already and i said i was willing to send more. The only inquiry I got was someone who was an international buyer. But after reading all the horror stories here, I said I would only ship to the US.
  2. My advice is to start small by selling things that would go for around $50 or less. That will help establish your history, and your feedback will indicate that your descriptions are accurate, you ship in a timely fashion...and so on.

    If the bag you hoped to sell was expensive, buyers may have been apprehensive about plunking down that much cash on an untried seller.
  3. Do mention in your listing that your feednback is low as you are a new user. Have you any buyer history in your feedback score. That counts too. I must admit the zero feedback seller puts me off too but I dont mind so much if they have some good feedback as buyers. Good luck
  4. i think with the economy down in the US a lot of international buyers are purchasing from the US..im one of those people :smile: we're not all bad eheheh
  5. I am from the US and have alot of international bidders. Fine with me as long as mmy stuff sells!
  6. can you contact the international buyer and sell it to them? depending on what country it is, if its an english speaking country then there really isnt much risk involved...