I did NOT buy the gold dentelle speedy...

  1. So I was really interested in purchasing the dentelle speedy. They had it in silver in the Bloomingdales on 59th Street in Manhattan. I was really interested in the gold. The SA was able to locate one. The SA called on Wed and told me it had arrived. I went on Friday to see it. I kept going back and forth between the gold and silver and I wasn't super thrilled with either bag. When I go to put the gold one down on the table I notice that the lace/thread is starting to come off the bag! :wtf: There was about an inch of gold lace hanging from the bag. I couldn't believe it. $1400 on a bag and the thread is coming off...I said no thanks to both the gold and silver. :push: I then asked to see the regular mono speedy (I don't have this classic one yet). It really is beautiful. :love: I think I will get it for Christmas -something to look forward to! I was ready to purchase a little pochette but they only had the one on display. I walked out of the store with nothing. I still can't believe it! :wtf:
  2. Oh well, that is just how it works sometimes. At least you were able to see the dentelle IRL and make the decision that it wasn't for you.
    When something like that happens to me, I always assume it is because there is something spectacular just around the corner meant for me. :smile:
  3. I like your motto! :tup: Thanks!
  4. Well, I guess it wasn't ment to be then. Indeed like kitsunegrl said, good you got to try them on first. But it can be a bit anticlimax if you leave emptyhanded when you expected to leave with a new love...;)
    Sorry to hear the dentelle was disappointing, I would expected it to be amazing irl...
  5. You made the right decision!! I didn't like the Dentelle IRL either
  6. Wow, nychelle....
    thanks for sharing your experience, as i was seriously considering the Dentelle Speedy in silver. Now I know those threads were as fragile as they looked !!!!!
  7. I do like the gold dentelle, but not a damaged one! I can't believe they even sent that bag to show you!

    Get the mono speedy, they are great!!
  8. You got to see it in person before buying it. So don't feel too bad.
  9. You made the right decision...not a fan of the dentelle.
  10. i have the gold dentelle speedy and the lace is holding up really good.. so i dont know what's with their bag!
  11. What's up with showing damaged merchandise? Ugh! Sorry it didn't work out for you. I have the silver dentelle BH and the lace is still firmly attached. The dentelle was one of my (many) favorites this spring/summer -- very feminine and it kinda reminded me of Madonna circa 1983. If they do a bag that reminds me of the cone bra, I'm outta here.
  12. Wow, that's terrible - there's no way that anyone should pay so much for a bag that is damaged like that !!

    At least you have Christmas to look forward to ! :yes:
  13. Wow, I cant belive they let someone return it like that or that someone was that rough to it to make it come undone like that! I have the silver and my stiching I cant see ever wearing or coming off. The SA's Should look over things before they either send them out or show them to customers. Yeesh, I hope they dont continue to try to sell that to someone!
  14. I guess it wasn't meant to be ... at least you saw it before you purchased it ... sorry it didn't work out for you ... I'm sure there'll be other styles for you in the future ... good luck!