I did NOT buy the Black Cotton Club Tote

  1. I didn't buy the Cotton Club Tote for the exact same reasons I didn't buy the GST. As soon as I saw the Cotton Club sitting on the shelf, I was immediately reminded of the GST in size and shape.

    The handle drop was not enough to fit comfortably over my heavy winter coat (as with the GST) and although the sides of the Cotton Club were not as stiff as the GST, they were still not squishy enough to stay close to me and not bang into other riders on a crowded subway. (Not that I take the subway that often, but that isn't the point.)

    The leather was very nice... I love that distressed look, but the bag's shape was not my favourite and it was also very wide. There's no where to put the bag, but behind you, when you carry it on your shoulder.

    It was a very nice bag and one I might like to own if someone gave it to me... but for $2,200 CAD, I passed.

    To make myself feel better, I purchased the classic white pearls (graduated) with little CC logos. I only own the extra long strand of black and white pearls... so this will be more for everyday...
  2. thanks for the review! I called my local boutique today to ask what Cotton Club items they had in, they only had the totes...I am not a tote fan, I want the bowling bag or pochette! I hope Canada gets these in.
  3. Aww sorry that the cotton club tote didnt work out for you but thanks so much for the review! congrats on the pearls
  4. How wide is it?I saw it at the trunk show..but I dont remember..LOL
  5. It's wide enough that if you want to wear it hanging directly under your arm, your arm sticks waaaay out and not down. It has to be worn pushed behind your arm.
  6. ^Does the tote come in diff sizes..trying to figure out which I saw at trunk show
  7. The Cotton Club comes in different sizes and shapes, but I don't think the tote does... ??
  8. did it look like this shape..ROEY posted this in another thread.THIS is the one I saw at trunk show
  9. Jill, in answer to your question, I fell in love with the bag in the above picture you just posted. It seemed like the perfect shape, material everything. It didn't seem so wide either.

    Below is the bag I tried in the store. Although I think the one I tried was a bit bigger, it was just as boxy:

  10. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..Wonder why its a diff shape..There must be diff sizes?You think?
  11. I saw large tote in White today, didn't like it at all. I like Cambon ligne so much more....JMHO
  12. On the phone with Chanel..It DOES come in DIFFERENT SIZES!
  13. The one Jayne saw is the smaller size..NOT the large
  14. Hmmm, I was kinda unsure about the Cotton Club, but that little blue tote^^^ is kinda cute.
  15. It was kind of large... as large as the GST and wider too. I was hoping for a slim, big tote like the MC tote.

    Do you think there is a large and slimmer Cotton Club?